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Beginner level


In this lesson, the Ss will be introduced the 4 basic geometrical shapes: circle, square, triangle and rectangle.


Abc HO for the multiple choice activity
Abc Sticks with Y/N answers on both sides for the Ss to use for "Hold the right answer" game
Abc Colored cartoons with group cards
Abc Realia
Abc HO for the matching activity
Abc Colored geometrical shapes

Main Aims

  • To provide ss vocabulary to introduce them to basic geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle and rectangle

Subsidiary Aims

  • To let students practice grammar in the form of Yes/No questions related to shapes and the affirmative/negative answers..


Lead in/Warm up (5-7 minutes) • To introduce the ss with the geometrical shapes

- The T shows the Ss the bag she brought with objects inside. - The T asks the Ss one by one to pick an object from the bag. - The S who picked it put draws the outline on the object on the WB. - The T writes the name of the shape on the WB

Contolled practice (6-8 minutes) • To check if the meaning for the target lexis is understood by the ss

- The T shows the objects above and the shapes below on the HO and describes the matching task . - The T distributes the HO and colored pencils to the Ss. (Everybody Up Student's Book p:10) - The T tells the Ss to check with the S beside them if both are the same or different. - Total feedback is done by showing a correct page as the answer sheet.

Semi-controlled practice (7-8 minutes) • To provide the Ss with the yes/no questions and check the meaning of the vocab

- The T shows Ss the sticks with Y / N answers on each side and demonstrates what to do with those when a shapoe is pointed from the WB. , - The sticks are distributed to students and the T asks the question "Is this a ...?" and lets the Ss show the side of the stick that is correct. - The Question form is written on the WB before the practice starts; feedback is given as the game is on.

Semi-controlled practice 2 (7-8 minutes) • To provide the Ss practice the meaning by multiple choice

- The T shows Ss the HO and makes the first exercise. - The HO is distributed and the T asks the SS to fold the HO for the first exercise. - Then when all are finished feedback is given on the correct answers by checking with the students. - The Question form is written on the WB before the practice starts; feedback is given as the game is on. - The T shows and writes on the WB the second practice on the same page and asks the Ss to complete the page pairing them in 2s. - Pair- check is done when the exercise is completed and the T monitors.

Freer activity (10-12 minutes) • To let the students use their creativity and form their group poster with the shapes

- The T first asks the Ss to pick a card and gets them to form 3 groups. - She also shows the shapes that are cut out and asks them to make a group poster by sticking them in any shape that they want. - The Ss pick and glue the shapes on the cardboard with the group color and make their own pictures. - As the poster is created, the T praises the Ss with stars, and everybody claps at the end for the nice work done.

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