TP2b; Shiva Khoei
A2 level


in this lesson, students will practice some job-finding vocabulary, followed by two short readings on the same topic of employment and how being unemployed feels.


Abc paper slips
Abc F2F pre-intermediate
Abc HO (Job-hunting)

Main Aims

  • practice vocabulary regarding job-hunting; reading for gist and also for specific information (skimming and scanning)
  • reading comprehension

Subsidiary Aims

  • to present and practice vocabulary related to job-hunting


lead-in (6-8 minutes) • to set the context and engage Ss

I will ask the Ss to think of their own jobs or two people they know with jobs; Ss then work in pairs and share information about their jobs or the people; Ss also decide whose job is more interesting and why; then Ill ask the Ss to share their answers with the WC.

introduction to vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • to introduce job-hunting vocabulary

I will give the Ss slips of paper with the job-hunting phrases on them and the slips with their definitions to be matched by them in groups. Ill set time limit for this activity.

clarification of vocabulary (4-6 minutes) • to clarify job- hunting vocabulary

I will write three phrases on WB: I don't have a job I'm looking for a job I have a job, Ill draw happy, sad and neutral faces next to each phrase. and ask the Ss to come to the board and stick the paper slips they have under the right category.

ordering (4-6 minutes) • to further clarify new vocabulary

Ill ask the Ss to order the phrases in 1a in pairs. Ill tell them there is more than one possible order.

Reading for gist (2-3 minutes) • to set the context of jobs and get the main idea of the text

Ill focus the Ss on photos A and B on page 22 and ask them what the people are doing; Ill ask them to read and match the letters to the photos; then I will set a time limit of 1-2 minutes to motivate them for skim reading.

scanning (3-5 minutes) • reading to find specific information

I will chest the HO and ask Ss to do exercise 3 on page 22 and decide in groups whether those statements are correct and change the incorrect ones, then the answers will be checked in WC.

post-reading (6-8 minutes) • to practice talking about the process of looking for a job

I will ask the Ss to discuss in pairs what are other ways of finding a job and/or how to write a CV; then Ill ask some couples to report their discussion to the WC.

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