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LP 2
Elementary level


In this lesson we will focus on listening. Our main focus is listening to other people talk about their nationality and which country and city they are from. I will also focus a small amount on vocabulary and reviewing the different nationalities.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about countries, cities and nationalities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of nationalities


Review and intro (2-4 minutes) • To review quickly over countries and nationalities

I will use HO 1. Once everyone is ready and I have their attention, I will chest the handout which has one example of the 'matching' exercise. I will then tell them to work in pairs using only hand signals, and hand out the worksheet. They will have 1-2 minutes to finish this task, while they are doing this, I will set up my PPP to the first slide, this will have an exact replica of their worksheet. I will then stop the class and invite students to come to the WB and draw their arrows to the correct nationalities. I will then check that the whole class agrees that these are the correct answers.

Listening 1 (5-7 minutes) • Have students listen to a recording and arrange cut outs accordingly

First I will re-group students effectively using colors (this worked well last time). After they have re grouped I will explain to them that they are going to listen to a recording of some people talking about their countries and nationalities. From this, they will need to listen and place the cut out sentences in order of the recording. ICQ's - Are we speaking or listening? (Listening) Are we working in groups or alone? (groups) If needs be, play the recording twice. WCFB - Second page of PP, elicit the answers from the students before revealing the sentences in order. Use this as an answer key.

Listening 2 (4-6 minutes) • Students are introduced to suffixes

HO 2 - Suffix table with a 'fill in the gap' exercise. Tell students they will be completing the table according to the tape. Students will be working individually for this exercise. If needed, play the recording twice. ICQ's - Are we working in pairs or alone? (alone) Should we speak or listen? (listen) When they have finished, have the students peer check their answers, ask them 'did anyone get a different answer?' to produce a meaning of why they are doing this exercise. Once they have completed this, bring up PP slide 3 with the same table, have them tell the answers before I reveal it on the board.

Pronunciation (Sub aim) (2-4 minutes) • Students are able to pronounciate the countries and nationalities

Using PP slide 3, ask the class to repeat the nationalities of these countries. Drill the class on each flag, emphasizing any stress patterns and suffixes. Also focus on mouth and vocal movement during this exercise.

Countries vs Cities (2-3 minutes) • Students are able to differentiate between countries and cities

Have cut outs of different countries and cities inside them. Handout these randomly to students and have them 'find their partners' by matching themselves with the correct countries and cities. This will work well as another grouping exercise, but also to make sure students are able to tell the difference between the countries and cities. ICQ's - Are we matching our countries/cities? (yes) Are we sitting with our new partners? (yes)

Listening (Gist) (2-4 minutes) • Listen to conversations once and provide a setting

Explain to the students that they will only listen to this recording ONCE. They need to think about one question, PP slide 4 should show 'Where are they?' ICQ's - Are we listening or writing? (listening) Will I play it once, or a lot of times? (once) Play all 3 recordings. Draw a brainstorm and have students guess where all three conversations took place. Then, show them pictures of the answers as an answer key.

Listening (Detailed) (7-9 minutes) • For students to listen to conversations and understand the nationalities

Using the same recordings. Use HO 3 which will have true/false answers. I will write some lies, and some truths about the people in the conversations. They must circle if they are true or false, they can work in pairs for this activity. ICQ's - Are we working in pairs or alone? (in pairs) Play the recordings twice. Have them peer FB and ask them to check with the other pairs to see if they have the same answers. After this, give out an answer key with the correct answers. Spend some time going through any of the answers they may have gotten wrong. Things to consider: Some of the accents in the recordings are very strong, if needs be, play the recordings twice so that students can really listen carefully and pick up the answers.

If time activity (3-5 minutes) • Personalize what they have learnt by discussing their own countries/nationalities

PP slide 6, have students look and talk about two questions. 'What city and country are they from? What nationality are they? What city and country are their parents from? What nationality are they?' They can speak in small groups or pairs about these questions. Make sure they are asking the question, 'Where are you from?' and saying the words in the correct order, I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. I'm Turkish.

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