Teaching Practice 1
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, students who already know the forms: present simple and continuous with future use, practice in order to bring all 4 forms together and choose between them. The lesson starts with a listening, presenting people with optimistic or pessimistic outlook. This is followed by a grammar practice where students become capable to differentiate between the situation they should use the appropriate form. Finally there is some controlled practice through filling the blanks appropriately and free practice via a final speaking activity.


Abc Handout for the listening and grammar exercises

Main Aims

  • To review and extend Ss' awareness of future forms-Will,going to,present continuous and present simple-and give controlled practice in them in the context of optimism.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in listening for gist, specific information and detail.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • Review and giving Instructions

The teacher makes a link from the previous lesson by recapping what the students said they are optimistic about. She tells them they will listen to 5 people answering the same question "What are you optimistic about?"

Gist (5-10 minutes) • Listening practice

The teacher gives the students the chart in Listening ex1. Students listen and complete the chart. Students check their answers with their peers. Then the teacher takes FB.

Specific information/detail (10-15 minutes) • Listening and Speaking practice

The teacher focuses the students on the statements in ex2. Students discuss in pairs if they remember if they are True/FALSE. Students listen and check. Students check their answers in pairs. The teacher takes FB.

Personalisation (5-10 minutes) • Speaking Practice

Students in pairs or small groups discuss the question in ex3. The teacher takes some general FB.

Language Focus (5-10 minutes) • grammar practice

In the Grammar ex1 the teacher asks the students to focus on the sentences from listening. Students work in groups to complete ex1 and discuss what they know about their future forms. The teacher takes FB.

Controlled practice (10-15 minutes) • Using grammar practically

Students work in pairs or small groups to complete Grammar ex2. The teacher takes FB

Follow-up (5-10 minutes) • Speaking Practice

Students discuss the questions in Grammar ex3 in pairs or small groups. The teacher takes FB.

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