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Abc grammar gap fill
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Main Aims

  • To itroduce and give practice in "have/has got" in the positive &negative to describe personal posessions

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary of personal posessions, listening & speaking


warmer (5-9 minutes) • to activate schemata and engage students

The students have to identify some posessions which are written on the w/b and have to try to remember whom they belong.

Grammar introduction (5-9 minutes) • To introduce "have/has got" in the positive and negative

The grammar box on the students book p.15 is drawn on the w/b with different colours. The grammatical structure and has to be repeated with the whole class in order to teach them the pronunciation. Then Ss have to use the new form in exercise 5 on Studentsbook p. 15.

Vocabulary focus (5-9 minutes) • To repeat vocabulary in connection with personal possessions

The Ss are given HO to fill the missing vowels. When they are finished feedback with w/c.

Practicing grammar (5-9 minutes) • To see if they have internalised the grammatical structure

The Ss will be given HO from the w/b which is folded in half and they have to use "have/has got" by just seeing the chart. Then they will fill in the gap in pairwork and compare it with the whole class

Speaking practice (5-9 minutes) • To practice speaking

The students have to remember from the former lessons what posessions Bill and Sally had and have to use the new grammar in exercise 9 Student's Book p.15

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