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Life Changes Lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will learn about some phrasal verbs in the context of big changes in life. They will first be reminded of a very famous movie. After discussing what the main character went through in the movie, the Ss will learn some phrasal verbs to use for his stuation. Later on, they will be given controlled practice. Speaking and writing activities will follow.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of some phrasal verbs in the context of life changes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in speaking and writing in the context of life changes.


Lead in (2-4 minutes) • To introduce the context to the Ss

T: 'What is the most dramatic and romantic movie you have ever seen?' T tries to get the answer Titanic. 'Lets do a recap' 'What is Titanic about?' (Ss give answers) -Probably not in an order. 'Let's put them in an order.'

Pre-teach Vocab (10-15 minutes) • To set the details of the context, in order to make the new vocab easier to undertand

T opens up PPP. Points to the first picture. 'He looks poorö doesn't he?' 'What is he doing with that backpack?' 'Does he have a home?' He travels a lot to find a good place to live. (T is setting up the background for the p.verbs ; to live on nothing and to live out of a suitcase.) Wrties on WB, under the picture Points to the second picture 'İs this where they met?' gets ideas from Ss. This pic is only for the flow of the plot of the movie. No phrasal verbs will be used. Points to third pic Gets ideas from the Ss. No phrasal verbs Points to the fourth picture İntoduces the names in case the Ss do not remember Ruth (mom) wants Katie(daughter) to marry Carl (rich guy). Why? For money? -yes Does Katie want to marry him? Will she eventually marry him, or? What is the most important thing in Ruth's lfe? Money (T is trying to set up the background to teach 'live up to expectation' 'live for' and 'live off' Wrties on WB, under the picture Picture 5 Ss says 'There was stiil room there.' Picture 6 'Who s she?' 'This is Katie when she gets old' She had a lot of trouble in her life. But she is okay now. (T is trying the set up the background to teach 'live through' Wrties on WB, under the picture PPP shows a picture of Caprio with a well deserved oscar! 'When did Caprio get his oscar?' 'Did he have one before?' 'Was this very important to him' ( t wiil teach 'live for')

Whlie teaching vocab (10-10 minutes) • To introduce the new words

T opens up the same slides on PPP Drills for each one WB for each one. Teacher gives the cards for the students to take notes on.

Controlled Practice (5-5 minutes) • To get the ss used to the new vocab

Gap filling T makes sure the TL is on WB Before T gives the folded HO, she asks Ss not to unfold them. Teacher gives HO. ICQ: pairs or alone? Fold or unfold? Ss work indvidually. check answers in pairs. Monitor Ss check the answer key. Questions? no.

Semi Controlled Practice (10-10 minutes) • To have the Ss write and talk accurately in TL

S have groups of 3 One s is the writer in each group T projects 'Have you ever moved to another city in your life? - College (Universtiy), Marriage, Job etc. Tell your partner about your experience TL is on WB (PPP) 2 ss talk, 1 s writes down 2 sentences where she hears the TL ICQ: Everyone is talkng? 1 person is writing? 3 sentences or 4? -2 Monitor İmmediate FB İf time............ writers (volunteer maybe) reads out a sentence Tries to say it in a different way, without the TL

Free(r) Practice (5-10 minutes) • To improve the accuracy in speaking

PPP is on Groups of three discuss the picture using the TL Monitor İmmedate FB

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