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Reading&Speaking-Present Simple
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students are going to focus on receptive skills(reading&speaking) .We will talk about relationship and the internet.


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Main Aims

  • to give practise in reading a web page about relationships.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to introduce or review vocabulary describing people and relationships.


Lead in (6-8 minutes) • to review the use of the simple present tense

Teacher will write on the board "What do you do in the morning" and ask the question 2-3 students. Teacher pairs the students up and get them to talk to their partners about three things they do everyday.Gives them 2-3 mins.to discuss this and then tell the class what is true about their partners."Ayse takes a shower in the morning"."She eats breakfast". So that they will learn how the third person is formed.

Pre-reading section (7-11 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

Teacher asks a question to make sure everyone knows the word "a date" ."What do you call it when you arrange to meet someone new who you would like to be your girlfriend/boyfriend.and asks another question ."How can someone meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend?" After discussing this 1-2 mins teacher stickes a printed pictures about an online dating on the WB and asks the students what it is about. The teacher gets comments about this and then put the Ss in pairs to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.Gives them 2-3 mins. and discuss it as whole class. Do you think it is a good way to find a partner?

While Reading-Reading for specific informaiton (7-8 minutes) • Students scan the articles for specific information

The text is an internet advertisement , a single mother called Lynn has written to the dating agency describing herself and the partner would like to have. Teacher shows the text and tells what kind of text and what it is about.Students then read the text quickly and answer to the seven questions with their partner. Teacher set a short time limit (e.g. three minutes) as the questions are for scanning. Then they are given the answer key to check their answers.

Reading Task 1 (7-9 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed reading task

The Ss will work in groups of three.Teacher holds up the internet advertisement for three different men and gives each student one advertisement to read and fifteen sentences about men and asks them to tick the sentences that are about the man.

Reading Task 2 (5-8 minutes) • to reading for specific information

The teacher ask the Ss to read the information about the man again and underline all his good and bad points. In each group, students compare the information about the different men and decide who is the best partner for Lynn. Discuss this as whole class.

Post- Reading (5-7 minutes) • to revise some of the vocabulary in the text

The teachers asks the Ss to look at the text about Lynn.Reads out the following words one at a time and asks the Ss to find a word in the text that has similar meaning: -job(occupation) -not married(single) -children(kids) -not empty(full) -the other part,the remaining time that hasn't happened yet(the rest) -problems that make you feel bad(worries) works a lot,without being lazy(works hard)

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