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Elementary level


In this lesson, teacher tries to improve the reading skills of the students in the context of the Oscars and its winners. Students first watch a short video of the best actor section in 2020 Oscars to make them more interested in the topic. They see some pictures of the Oscars and try to guess which part of that award show they're related to. Then through CD and book they listen to and speak about the topic and try to improve their listening and speaking. Asking them about their experience, if they have received any prize or not. After that, they do some games by spelling the new words. Finally students answer to some fill in the blank questions, in order to strengthen their fuller comprehension ability.


Abc Video PP
Abc Some pictures, PP, White board
Abc CD, Guessing the topic and content of the reading task
Abc Speaking task. White board.
Abc Multiple-choice questions task Book White board

Main Aims

  • Improving reading skills of the students(comprehension) in the context of The Oscars and The winners.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Improving listening and speaking skills of the students. Learning dictation of new words.


Warmer/Lead-in (9-10 minutes) • To introduce the topic and engage students

1.Greeting with all students 2.Asking them if they have seen the Oscar winning movies or not. 3.Asking if students have watched the Joker 2019 movie or not? 4.Represent a short video in which The Joker's leading role receives the Oscar award. 5.In group, they discuss about that actor and if they have seen him in some movies or not.

Pre-Reading (9-10 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible. To pre-teach the words which might hinder the understanding of the whole text

1. Show them some pictures of celebrities on the red carpet and other palaces of the Oscar ceremony 2. Elicit the following words through those pictures: Ceremony These celebrities attended in the Oscar ..................... CCQs 1.Is Oscar a small show?No 2.Is it a award show for movies?Yes 3.What do celebrities wear in this award show?( usually beautiful dresses) Winner People don't know the .........till the last moment. CCQs 1.Are they happy?(Yes) 2.What do they feel?(Usually so proud and happy) 3.Are they shameful because of it?(NO) Speeches The winners often get very emotional during the ............... . CCQs 1.Who can do it?(The winners) 2.Do the winners prepared a note for it?(Sometimes) 3.Can it be boring?(Sometimes, yes) Prize Only the best ones can win the ......... . CCQs 1.Is it made of Gold?(Yes) 2.Who can have it?(The best ones) 3.Is it look like an animal?(No) Results Everybody in the Oscars are waiting for the final ........ . CCQs 1.Can they be stressful for the nominees?(Yes) 2.Are they one of the boring parts of the show?(No) 3.Are they pleasant or unpleasant?(Both)

While-Reading#1 (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging information reading tasks. To give students a practice to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Part A) 1. Give instructions. 2. Ask students to only listen to the record of the reading. ICQs: a. How much time do you have?(1min) b. Should you close your book while you are listening?(Yes) c. How many times can you listen to the record?(Once) d. Are you going to do it in groups?(No) Part B) 1. Give instructions. 2. Ask them to share the whole picture of what they understood from the record with the class. ICQs: a. In which way you can speak about the record?(Briefly) b. Are you going to do it in groups?(Yes) c. How much time do you have?(3-5mins) 3. In groups with the help of the book, Ask them to discuss about what they heard while the record was playing. 4. Check them time to time to see how is their pronunciation and fluency. 5. Ask each group to share what they heard with the whole class.

While-Reading#2 (15-20 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging tasks which require fuller comprehension.

1. Give instruction. There are 4 multiple-choice questions on the worksheet, read the reading CAREFULLY and answer them. ICQs 1. Monitor students while they are answering the questions. ( From distance) 2. Help them with the meaning of new words if necessary. 3. after that 10 minutes, T writes the correct answers on white board. Then students check their answers in groups. 4. Each group ask its questions and problems related to the tests and T answers their questions.

Post-Reading (17-20 minutes) • To give students a free, simple practice to see if they learned the words correctly.

1.Ask them to describe the situation in which they were praised and rewarded by their parents or teachers. (Sharing their own experiences.) 2.Ask them to imagine they are Oscar winners and then sharing their feelings with the class by using the new words. 3.Give the game's instruction. Writing simple definitions of each word on the white board and putting lines according to each word's number of letters. Then in groups, wanting students to guess the letters based on that simple definition.( The fastest group in guessing the words wins.That group can suggest a short movie to watch it in the next session.) Ceremony: An important social event that is formal. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Winner: A person who has done the best in a game. _ _ _ _ _ _ Results: Related to the end. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Prize: Children would be happy to have it. _ _ _ _ _ Speech: The president always gives it on TV. _ _ _ _ _ _ 4. Ask students to answer the book's questions as an assignment for the next session.

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