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Teaching Practice 2
Elementary (A2) level


In this lesson, students will practise how to tell time and say money expressions through listening activity. The lesson starts with matching exercise in which students will need to match pictures of ads with their right categories from the choices. This will be followed by listening exercise where students can listen to 'money and prices' expressions and fill in the gaps accordingly. Finally, There is a workbook task that includes unarranged dialogue sentences where students need to arrange them and practise repeatedly so one or two pairs could model it for other students.


Abc Flyers/Ads to invite people
Abc Picture and script of unarranged dialogue's sentences

Main Aims

  • To intoduce new expressions of time and telling prices through listening activity and how to use them through the context of fill-gap exercises.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise speaking as a productive skill afterwards through practising a conversation, using time and money expressions, in pairs.


Warmer/Lead-in (2-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and get students interested

T gets to know new students and then the whole class discuss their interesting places in pairs. Feedback: T elicits some information from about their favourite places.

Pre-Listening (2-5 minutes) • To prepare students for listening to prices.

T posts three pictures of different destinations on wall where students can see. T hands students HOs from the book of three different ads and they need to move around class and match the right advertisment with the right destination.

Listening (5-8 minutes) • To predict the content and familiarise with 'Telling Times'

Students Listen to Times and try to fill in the gaps in the adverts with the right time. Feedback: T elecits answers by asking students to check in pairs and then elicits answers from whole class

Listening #2 (5-8 minutes) • To practice money and familiarise students with different numbers

Ss listen to information about the adverts they have (HOs). T writes different prices with currencies on board. Ss need to find fill in the gap in the adverts with the right price. Feedback: T elicits answers by checking answers in pairs and decide and repeat the listening if needed.

Speaking 1 (5-8 minutes) • To practice Speaking using time and money expressions

T gives HOs of a picture of ticket seller and a customer along with not arranged conversation script. Ss work in pairs to form proper sentences Feedback: Ss peer check their answers, T checks with whole class afterwards.

Post-Speaking (5-10 minutes) • To practise telling time and money

T gives students HOs of incomplete conversation with cut-ups phrases. Ss work in pairs and fill in the gap with the correct phrase. Feedback: Ss peer check and practice the conversation. Two students can model it in fron of the whole class

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