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Numbers lesson
beginners level


In this lesson, students learn about numbers through activities that will make them remember some of the ones that they already know and introduce them to new ones if they do not already know it. The lesson starts with a vigorous activity about putting numbers in the correct order. This is followed by another activity to test how much numbers they know how to spell by matching the numbers to their spellings. Finally, the students will learn and practice how to ask about ages through listening and some activities.


Main Aims

  • Functional language for asking/answering about ages, numbers 21-100

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening, speaking


stage 1 (lead in) (5-7 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and check what ss already know

-Give ss cards that contain numbers. -I took a card with the number 0 and stand aside and ask the student who have number 1 to stand next to me. -ask ss to continue a line using numbers. -group students into 2 groups. -I write on the white board the spelling of some numbers and give ss cards that contain the symbols of those spelling. -ask ss to stand in two lines. -set a competition where each time I will pronounce a number and one student from each group have to place the correct symbol next to its correct spelling and so on until they finish the numbers.

stage 2 (3-4 minutes) • To reinforce the spelling of the numbers and make this confusing part an enjoyable experience

-ask students to walk around the room then divide them into three groups -Distribute a handout to the three groups that contains the spelling of some numbers and misses the matching symbols which I will provide them in separate cards where ss have to stick the signs under the right spelling. -I will encourage ss to do this activity quickly to see which group will win.

stage 3 (7-8 minutes) • practice the spelling of the numbers orally and ensure that ss can count correctly until 101

-I draw a card that holds a number and ask ss what is this number then I ask them what is the next number and they have to answer quickly without cards and the slow ones get out of the game until at the end we will have a winner who is the fastest to pronounce numbers correctly.

stage 4 (7-8 minutes) • Introduce functional language and practice it and strengthen the idea with a listening exercise

-I write on board the number 23 and ask: " what is that number?" -I choose one student and ask him to write the spelling of this number. -Then I put a statement that this is my age: " I am 23 years old" -The next question is " how old are you?". I will ask it to three ss then put all ss in groups and tell them to ask each other this question after giving them instructions. -after they finish I will ask them about their group age like; how old is she? how old is he? -I show a picture of an old car with a number under it and then ask; how old is it? -next is to make them listen to exercise 1.63

stage 5 (3-4 minutes) • emphasize the use of functional language

-I give instructions about the exercise; match the sentences to the right pictures. -give ICQ by saying for example; what will you do with these lines? -I let ss work in pairs. -I write the right answers on board because the pictures and sentences are numbered.

stage 6 (4 minutes) • To improve ss listening through numbers and their functional language.

-I give ss pictures and ask them to discuss in groups what can they see in it. -tell ss to match the conversations to the pictures after they listen to them. -ss will listen again and answer exercise 1.62 -check their answers in pairs then I will ask them to say out loud the right answer.

stage 7 (3-4 minutes) • review what has been presented before

-use an age questionnaire from the teacher's book - in this activity the ss will write everything about them self then guess what their partners' may answer by writing in the questionnair -Finally, check in pairs real information

stage 8 • practice some spelling

If I still have time I will set a competition after dividing ss into two groups then I pronounce the number and one from each team have to write the right spelling quickly so that his team win.

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