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12.3.2014 Vocab Indian Wedding
A-1 Beginner level


In this lesson we will review years and introduce new vocabulary (ago, last, in, and yesterday). We will perform a few activities involving these words, and then listen to a recording describing an Indian wedding ceremony and answer questions about the recording.


Main Aims

  • This lesson aims to provide sts with the ability to understand and employ the vocabulary involving the past (ago, in, yesterday, last) as well as a second lexical set (wedding, bride, groom, anniversary).

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students should be able to take away from this lesson the experience of listening for gist and details within a reading.


Intro, Review of Years (8-10 minutes) • Students will get a chance to review the years Shiva taught on Tuesday, which should prepare them for the rest of the lesson on past time phrases.

Greet, smile. Give instructions first, half of the class will receive years expressed in Arabic numerals, and half of the class will receive the years passed out in the Latin script, in English, find your match; pass out materials. Have students whole class mingle and find their match. Once that is complete have them affix numbers beside the board, go over pronunciation, drill if necessary. Hand out HO, with the partner they matched with sit and practice the different set of numbers.

Lexis: last, ago, in, yesterday with Joe (8-12 minutes) • I hope that students are able to takeaway from this task the appropriate uses for in/ ago/ yesterday/ and now and pronounce them in an intelligible manner.

Elicit where Joe is via pictures on WB. Introduce to last, ago, in and yesterday via self-discovery task, . Students should be able to infer from the pictures where Joe is when. Have sts check their answers with their partner, then go over answers. Wwe will follow up with MFP for accuracy and drilling if necessary

Gap-fill on HO, in, ago, yesterday, now (5-7 minutes) • To give students freer practice (than the previous matching exercise at least) to figure out where the appropriate places for TL: in, now, last, and yesterday

Have students fill in the gaps with the target language. After finishing have students check their answers with their partners. Transition to India

Reading stage (10-15 minutes) • Introduce new lexical set (wedding, bride, groom, anniversary) and have students practice the receptive skill of listening for either/or answers, then get sts to generate the answers to part d.

Display map, elicit for India, and the people that come from there? Indians. Elicit from picture TL bride/groom, anniversary and wedding, go over M and P, play the track, pause sufficiently so that they have time to process. The first activity is either/or style, the second permits more degrees of freedom and latitude for the response. Have students check their own answers with a partner and discuss before displaying the answers

Self Bio-narrative Lexis review/ Listening activity for me • Review Lexis, and practice listening if there is much time left.

Display our photo narrate my wedding experience using ago, last, bride, groom, in, wedding... talk about our anniversary. Ask sts to see if they understood/ received the info I relayed in groups, write questions on the WB

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