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Assessed Teaching Practice One
Beginner level


In this lesson students learn about the present simple tense of "to be" with yes/no questions. First, students will tick the correct yes/no response of "to be" questions. Next, students will be challenged with providing their own forms of "to be" with fill-in-the-blanks. After completing the responses, we will practice the questions and answers out loud. To fine-tune form selection, students will choose appropriate "is" or "are" responses. Finally students will work in pairs to create and answer yes/no questions about people.


Abc F2F: Ex5&6 Cut-out
Abc F2F: Ex9 Group A
Abc Ex.8 Sentence Cut-outs
Abc F2F: Ex9 Group B
Abc F2F: Chart2C
Abc WB Layout Example Ex.9

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice the singular form of "to be" in yes/no questions and short answers in the context of personal info.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give oral controlled practice of the TL (Target Language.)


Review (1-2 minutes) • Review completed 2C Chart so Ex.5 can be completed

Draw the filled in 2C chart (from the previous lesson) on the WB. Point to a name, country, and then profession for each column and have students say the words out loud. Note: Leave the chart on the board so students can reference it for the next exercise.

Ex.5 Yes/No Ticks (7-9 minutes) • Use the chart to ask about characters with yes/no questions.

Divide the class into pairs. Explain Do NOT unfold paper "Work with a partner to read the chart and tick the right answer" then distribute one cut-out (Ex5&6) to each pair. When students are finished answering they should compare their answers with their partners. Ask each group to read off one question and answer.

Ex.6 "To Be" with Yes/No (8-10 minutes) • Use the correct form of "be" in the questions and answers.

Write "___ I in this class?" and "am, are, is, or isn't" on the WB "Work alone. Unfold your paper" After filling in have them in ask them to check with a partner. Ask individuals for answers.

Ex.8 Is or Are? (7-9 minutes) • Distinguish between proper use of "is" and "are."

Place the cut-out sentences on the board and get the class to answer is/are. Once finished, split class into different groups (3's) and have them question each other and respond "Yes, I am. No, he isn't" etc. Note: Write a sample response on the board "Yes, I am married."

Ex.9 Creating Yes/No Questions (15-17 minutes) • Students put together information to form sentences and read charts to determine and produce answers.

Divide into pairs. WB Example: Name: Kyle, Nationality: American? Job: Doctor? Married or Single: Married? Point at name and then nationality. "Is Kyle American?" "Is Kyle an actor?" "Is Kyle Single?" Instruct the class to write these questions down. Refer to WB plan Fold HO in half and tell them NOT to look at their partner's paper and NOT to unfold them. Once they are finished writing the questions down tell them "B's can unfold their paper. Group A ask your partner your questions. Group B can ask after finished

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