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Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn about "so and such" through guided discovery related to the listening task about the advertisement. The lesson starts with discussion and writing session including some products and slogans in a slide show. This is followed by the text where students underline "so and such" and will try to understand the usages of "so and such". Then, Ss will do three grammar exercises. Finally, there is speaking task where Ss can practice what they have learned.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the students will have learned "So and Such" (grammar) in the context of advertisement.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the students will have practiced productive skill of speaking in the context of advertisement
  • By the end of the lesson the students will have practised productive skill of writing in the context of advertisement


Warm-up (5 minutes) • To get students familiar with the topic

The lesson will start with the greetings. I will project some products including slogans related to the context of "so and such". I will ask students "which product would they prefer and why? write about it." Then, I will elicit the answers from them. With this activity they get familiar with the topic.

Exposure (5-7 minutes) • Grammar Exposure / Guided Discovery

I will give Ss the tapescript which is including "so and such". They will underline "so and such" and then they will try to understand or guess the function/ usages of "so and such". Then, I will project the tapescript on the whiteboard and elicit the answers from them.

Grammar Practice 1 (5-7 minutes) • Fill in the blank

I will give Ss exercise one in the workbook about "so and such". They will fill the blank with so and such. Then, I will say them to compare their answers with their pairs. Then, I will ask them to write their answers on the whiteboard.

Grammar Practice 2 (5 minutes) • Rewrite the sentences

Ss will rewrite the sentences by using so and such. I will ask them to compare their answers with their pairs and I will give the answer key and pass this exercise without wasting too much time on it if they understand and do it well.

Grammar Practice 3 (12-15 minutes) • Complete the sentences

I will divide the students into three or two groups and want them to choose a topic. Then, they will complete the sentences by using "so and such" related to which topic they will write about. Then, I will elicit some answers from Ss and also I can make error correction in this task.

Speaking Activity (10 minutes) • to provide Ss with an oppourtunity to expand on what they've learned and practice them by speaking task

Students will make two minute-long Tv adverts. They should work in threes to select an item, briefly describe the product and give a catchy slogan. They will use "so and such" in their slogans or their description about their products. They will dicided what they are going to do and with which slogan then they will present their products to the class.

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