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Discuss new laws
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will review vocabulary and language presented in unit 11. The review focuses on creating a mock speaking exam and practice.


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Main Aims

  • Create materials for a speaking exam practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • Review how to give opinions and keep conversations going
  • To provide a review and clarification of the speaking rubric


Task Presentation (10-10 minutes) • Elicit the task and why it's important to participate.

Register Tell the students that we are going to create a speaking exam together and practice together. Establish groups of 4

New law creation (10-10 minutes) • Students brainstorm new laws using grammar and vocabulary from the unit

Show a picture and try to elicit the law from the students law: I would make a law saying people who beat or hurt animals should receive the same treatment. Show an example of the final product: image and the new law.

Scaffold the speaking task (15-15 minutes) • Demonstrate and elicit useful language for this activity.

Elicit from the students how he speaking exam works. Review the speaking rubric Elicit how to give opinions: I (don't) think this is a good idea because... I'm (not) against I agree / I don't agree with this idea because I think this law will be unfair/fair because What I don't agree with is ... To me, that/it doesn't make sense Elicit how to keep the conversation going: What do you think? I agree with you but... Give/ask for examples

Speaking materials creation (10-10 minutes) • Create materials for the speaking mock exam

Give each group 10 min to create min. 2 new laws and find corresponding pictures. Ss should send the laws to my email so I can print them out during the break. Teacher monitors and helps. If students can't think of any laws I can provide some ideas available in the materials.

Mock speaking practice exam (5-5 minutes) • Provide practice for the following hour.

Students in groups/pairs role-play my law with the language elicited.

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