Reyhaneh Reyhaneh

values , waiting your turn ~ is it my turn ? just a minute please
starter ~ first friends 2 level


in this lesson SS learn about waiting for their turn and who they can ask about *turn* and how they can answer it


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for it is my turn in the context of turn , yes, no , min , please

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and review


Greeting (1-2 minutes) • Building up rapport

Ask about how they feel say hi Make my things ready Check Ss name

Lead in (engagement) (2-4 minutes) • Make Ss ready , for topic and main aim

2. PUT STH ON THE DESK AND LINE UP THE Ss AND I AND THEY HAVE TO PICKING UP SOME OF THEM AND THEN I ask them ( I want to have one of them. Is it my ........(turn)) after that choose 2 guys for cleaning the board and ask Ss is it ..... turn?. 3. Drilling 4.Boarding the Question

Controlled practice (1-2 minutes) • Scan book

Listen to the audio of the book

Less controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • Drilling the book

Listen to audio and repeat And make some situations and replace the sentences

Freer practice (4-5 minutes) • Make real situations

Play my own game

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