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Intermediate-B1 level


In this lesson SS will practice listening for gist, specific information and for details along with a number of new accomodation related vocabulary in the context of 'Unusual Homes'.


Abc Sentence Matching Cards HO
Abc Definition Cards
Abc Listening Sentence Match HO
Abc Listening Track 1.19-1.21
Abc Audioscripts HO
Abc Picture Matching Vocabulary HO
Abc Listening Fill-in Table HO

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about different types of accomodation in the context of unusual homes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of accomodation related lexis in the context of unusual homes.


1.Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • to introduce the context and activate schemata

T writes the following question on theWB. 'What do you look for in a house?' SS discuss in groups of three to come up with at least 3 important points to look for while choosing a house. Later they share their ideas with the class.

2. Vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • to provide review of accomodation related vocabulary

Give out the halves of sentences to SS to match with the second halves. SS stand up and look for the ss that has the rest of the sentences they have on their cards. WG FB is given.

3. Definition Match (6-7 minutes) • to provide further understanding of the vocabulary

Give out the definition match HO. SS match the words they've seen in sentences in the previous exercise to their definitions. They watch a video called 'Types of Houses in Britain' to check some of their answers. SS come to the board to fill in the answer key.

4.Pre-listening (4-5 minutes) • to pre-teach the vocabulary SS need in the listening stage

Pass out the picture matching HO. SS work in pairs to match the types of homes to the pictures. One SS read the answers and WC checks if the answers are correct.

5. Listening For Gist (4-4 minutes) • to provide controlled listening practice for gist

SS listen to three people talking about their unusual homes in the tracks 1.19-1.21. SS listen to find where each speaker live choosing their answers from the previous activity. WC FB is given.

6.Listening for specific information (6-7 minutes) • to provide careful listening skills for specific information

SS listen to the track again this time to take down the best and the worst things about where the speakers live. Peercheck.

7. Listening for Details (6-8 minutes) • to provide deeper understanding of the details in the listening text

Give out the L Sentences HO. SS work in groups to decide which sentence can be matched to which speaker in the listening. Give out the audioscript HO. SS check their answers in the audioscript. One student from each group will go and check the other groups answers. The group with most correct answers wins.

8. Post-Listening (5-6 minutes) • to provide freer speaking practice using the vocabulary in the lesson

SS stand up and talk about their homes using the vocabulary they've learned. They describe their homes and what they can and can't do there in a mingling activity.

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