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ways to improve your memory
inter mediate level


in this lesson students learn about new lexis from reading passage.the lesson starts with showing my own shopping list.finally there is some exercises about lexis.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist in the context of ways to imrove memory
  • To provide gist in the context of ways to imrove memory
  • To provide

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of language used for identify new lexis about the ways to improve memory in the context of methods of improving memory


Ways to improve your memory. • Reading.

Warm up:I will speak with the students about my own shopping list. Exercise (1): I will have a quick class discussion of the first question .I will give the student time to look at the pictures and read the actions. I will put them into groups to discuss the questions. Circulate,making sure students understand what is shown in each picture.Finally i will check answers with the class. Exercise (2): I will ask students to read the list. check that they understand puzzle,crosswords,oxygen,brain,chewing gum.students discuss the questions in pairs. I I will check their answers,as they are going to read and check . Exercise (3): A before reading i will check the meaning of :responsibility,an expert, consciously, to pat, to invent, logical,brainy.students should read the text to check their predictions.As i check the answer i get students to read out the part of the next where the answer is found. I will put students into pairs to discuss the questions . I will let them read the text again if necessary. check answers with the class, asking students to say where in the text the technique is mentioned. Exercise (4): I get the students to read the statements and answer any which they can remember .Then they can remember. They should read the text again to complete the task. I will put them in pairs to compare their answers before checking as a class. Exercise (5): I ask students to work together and decide what the missing prepositions are. It can be helpful to put each verb into a sentence to feel which proposition sounds right ; If students are struggling,or when they have finished guessing,I ask them to read the text to find the answers. Emphasise that they should write any verbs they could not remember in their notebooks, and that they should always write the preposition as well. Exercise (6): Students discuss their ideas in small groups before sharing them with the whole class.

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