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11th grade lesson plan
Intermediate level


There are 24 students in the classroom. The reading part should be covered in this session and also a revision on the vocabulary items which were thought last session. The domain strategy is Engagement, Study and Activation (ESA). There are some activities to be carried out during the class for both revision of part and teaching of reading part.



Main Aims

  • To provide scan and gist reading practice using a text about language in the context of communication

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of words related language in the context of communication


Greeting and small talk/ Revision (15-20 minutes) • To build rapport / To review previous vocabulary items

1. Teacher enters the class energetically. 2. Teacher sets the scene. 3. Teacher greets students and ask them how they feel (this is done chorally due to the high number of students) they are free to talk in class and about themselves while greeting time. ( about 5 minutes) 4. The teacher asks class to make 6 groups of 4 people ( she also manages the class to make it do as fast as possible) and ask them to choose a English name for their group. ICQ: How many groups? How many people in each group? Do you choose an English name? 5. The teacher gives each group a sets of cards( each group receives 6 picture cards,6 word cards and 6 definition cards which all of them relates to the new words of unit 1 page 21,22 and 23 which were taught last session). ICQ: How many cards each group has? 6. Teacher writes the group names on the board. 7. The teacher explains the instruction: Each group has to classify each word card with its definition and picture in 3 minures, the group or groups which does this activity the first says BUZZ and get two positive points. ICQ: Do you match each word card with its definition and picture? Is it a pair work or group work? How much time? Does the first group get positive points? 8. The teacher models once for clearer clarification. 9. The teacher checks the words in class and gives feedback on language. 10 .The teacher asks students make 6 examples in their groups (An example for each word) in 5 minutes. ICQ: Do you write one example for each word in your groups? How much time? 11. Teacher monitors the groups. 12. Teacher gives feedback on language and content smoothly while monitoring.

Engagment (7-12 minutes) • To sustain student's interest towards the lesson

1. Teacher stats with the main topic of the whole lesson which is COMMUNICATION and pre-teaches it through MECDBLE M: the process which people talk about their thoughts and feelings E: Do you communicate with others through social media? C: Do you share information when you communicate with others? D: group, semi group, individual repetition B: The teacher writes it on the board L: Is it a noun or verb?/ what is the noun form? E: The teacher makes some examples and asks students to make and share The teacher starts talking about English an an international means of communication 2. Teacher asks students to name some of the means of communication and talk about them voluntarily 3. The teacher asks students to talk about different ways of communication with their elbow partners in 2 minutes. ICQ: Do you talk in pairs or groups? Do you talk about different ways of communication? How much time? 4.Teacher monitors the pairs 5. Teacher gives feedback on content and add her own ideas

Study (10-20 minutes) • To skim the text for the gist and scan for specific information

1. Teacher pre teaches a blocking vocabulary (exchange) through MECDBLE (most of the word of the reading were covered in the vocabulary part of the lesson) SKIM PART 2. The teacher writes a question one the board for skimming purpose 3. The teacher asks students to read the question then skim the text and answer it individually in 1 minute ICQ: Do you skim for the main idea the text or read it by details? How much time? group work or individual work? SCAN PART 1. The teacher asks students to refer to page 26 of the book and read the questions of part A and B in 1 minute ICQ: which page? which parts? How much time? 2.The teacher asks students to scan the text and answer part A and B questions in 3 mintes. ICQ: Do you scan the text for specific information? How much time? pair work or individual work?

Activation (10-15 minutes) • To construct opportunity to share their personal experience

1. The teacher asks students to join their previous groups 2. The teacher gives each group a mini whiteboard and a marker 3. The teacher asks students to write as many as notes they remember from the passage in their groups in 3 minutes ICQ: 1. Do you write what you remember from the passage? 2. Pair work or group work? 3. How much time? 4. Students write a paragraph in their groups with the notes they jot down in 4 minutes 5.teacher monitors groups and write down errors 6. The teacher asks each group to read their text by a volunteer person in their groups 7. Teacher praise each group and give positive feed on content 8. The teacher starts giving feedback on language and correcting the errors she has recorded during the class through different error treatment (solicitation and finger correction)

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