Functional Language of offers , refusing and acceptin
upper intermediate level


in this lesson , Ss will learn the language of how to make offers in a polite way , how to refuse and accept them , the intonation will also be covered to get it right.


Abc gap-filling
Abc unscrambling sentences handout
Abc unscrambling sentences handout answer key

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for making offers , refus and accept them in the context of helping a friend with a problem

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a a role play and some examples in the exercises in the context of helping some one with an issue


lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to set a context and start the lesson

- a picture of Chloe ( the main character of the lesson ) is shown on the board - ask Ss some questions - pair them and ask them to make some guesses and answer the questions - ask each group to share only one sentence related to questions and the picture questions : what is her story ? what do you think has happened to her ? Is she asking for help ? from who ? do you think they will accept or refuse ?

Listening / Language input (8-10 minutes) • listening for gist and detals

- the Ss will first listen to audio one time to answer 2 questions - pair check the answers - WC feedback - board 4 words , ask Ss to add details to them - pair check the answers - the T will write the answers on board for Ss to check the questions : what is the story about ? how did they try to help each other ? the words : a computer , fingerprint , home security , a pet

Guided discovery (5-7 minutes) • to do an exercise related to making offers

- 3 different sentences are written on board with blanks + the categories - the Ss will try to match the answers and categories to sentences in pairs - WC feedback - making them familiar with the concept of offers - the T will give them a handout - first they try to match the words with each category , then they will do the exercise in their groups of 3 - board feedback - drilling some of the sentences

Intonation Practice (3-5 minutes) • to get them realize the intonations of polite offers and the way we refuse and accept with correct rising and falling of voice

- play the audio for just one sentence - ask the Ss to repeat and try to copy the intonation - drilling in groups and individually

Controlled Practice (5-6 minutes) • to provide them with a different kind of conversation and context of using the TL

- show the exercise on the board and give instructions of unscrambling the sentences - ICQ s - check their answers in pairs - answers key is provided and will be given to the Ss

role-play (8-10 minutes) • to produce the TL in their personal context

- getting the Ss in groups of 3 - Student A is going to make and offer , B is going to accept , C is going to refuse and the T will board the instructions to avoid confusion - the Ss will make a conversation to produce the L - each GP will play their conversation for the other Ss

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