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Main Aims

  • To practise functional language with controlled speaking in the context of giving and receiving directions

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practise listening for specific information


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Point to pictures of local places on the whiteboard Ask ss what they see Take one card and ask if it matches Ask ss to stand up and do the same as quickly as possible check answers Check meaning and pronunciation of difficult words You buy: some milk at the newagent's (it's a shop) aspirin at the chemist's some bread at the baker's you : go for a walk in the park have a drink at a café or a pub catch a bus at a bus stop Feedback: Check pronunciation of difficult vocab only

Listening for specific information (8-10 minutes) • To ascertain what ss already know about the TL

Now Ask ss to listen to Suzie's conversation and complete the missing words Give HO1 and ask them to have a look at the conversation When they're ready play the audio Demo: T does the first one with the whole class and asks ss to do the rest individually Ask ss to check in pairs then play the audio a 2nd time for them to check Put one answer key on every table. Feedback: Ask if it was easy

Controlled practise (10-15 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the TL Practise controlled speaking

T reads music of English T 5.7 but ss have their papers scraped Ask ss to focus on the music now open the paper and check Do some drilling : TS / open pairs /closed pairs "Excuse me ! Is there a chemist's near here?" "Yes, it's over there." Ask ss in pairs to practice the conversation then change pairs. ICQ: Are you going to speak with music? Are you going to speak only with the person next to you? Monitor: make sure they use intonation. Feedback: praising T askd a ss "who is sitting next to Med?"etc... T has one ss to face the board and has to remember who is sitting next to whom . The ss practise next to.... T asks stands next to the computer and asks: "where is the door?" Straight ahead. T changes position and asks "where is the door?" On the right/on the left. T shows a picture of the music shop and asks "where is the music shop?". " It' on the corner". T asks : " Is there a school near here?. Yes, it's in Med 5 Street. T asks: " Is Sfax near here? No,it' far. T stays next to the door and asks ss "Where is the computer?" It's over there. CCQ : what's the opposite? It's here. T asks ss in pairs to look at cards and ask and answer questions about the places Demo T-S S-S closed pairs T asks a ss: "Excuse me! Is there a ................... here?etc... Now ask me a question T asks two ss to ask each other ICQ: what are you going to do? Monitor: take notes for error correction and be ready to help in case they struggle Feedback: Error correction

Free Practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

Put realia on the tablle Now look at the things and pictures on your table take one and in pairs ask questions When you finish you move to another table with different things. Demo the activity carefully : T-S / open pairs / closed pairs T says ok I need some bread "Excuse me? Is there a backer's near here? Now ss ask me ICQ: what are you going to do? Are you going to ask only about things on your table? Monitor: Take notes for error correction Feedback: Error correction and praising

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