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When the famous people were born, Simple Past
bigenner level


At the end of the lesson ss will be able to discuss about when they were born by using Simple Past Tense of was were in the context of When the famous people were born by speaking and writing.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Simple Past tense "was/were" in the context of When were you born?

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation about when they were born in the context of When were you born


lead in (2-3 minutes) • To engaged ss with the context by listening years

- T will projects the years on the board and makes them say the years - Ss listen to the years and writes them on the paper they they go to board and underline the correct answer Answers : 1996,1916,2002,1799,1840,2005

Pre teaching grammar (3-5 minutes) • to get students attention on the context of when the famous people were born

-t will show the ppp and ask questions t:"Who is this?" S: Kemal Sunal T: when was he born? (if they don't know mote to the other slid) s: 1944 T: Yes good. He was born in 1944 again please. T: Who is this? S. Ajda Pekkan T: When was she born? (if they don't know mote to the other slid) s: 1946 T: Yes, she was born in 1946 ( but first tries to elicit from the ss then ss repeat after t) T: who are those? ıf they dont know say Öykü and Ezgi T: when were they born? (if they don't know mote to the other slid) T: They were born in 1990 helps ss to replay

TL Presentation (3-5 minutes) • to get Ss attention on the target language in order to elicit the tense they will work on

After drilling the sentences t ask CCQ's: 1) Is it now? no 2) was he born long time ago? yes 3) Is it in the past? yes than asks which tense is this in order to elicit the Past tense answer from the ss who already know this tense.

continue presenting the TL (7-9 minutes) • to get students awareness on the target language by using the PPP and eliciting the form

After teacher shows the time line and uses the gesture to explain past moves on the next slide which is about the form of the tense. t: Which subject gets was? (make sure to ask this question directly to one student not whole class) s: He, she, it, I if they don't know give the answer t: how about were S: we you they ıf they dont know just give the answer. Then show the completed chard on the next slide (tell them to now write because they will have ho) Then elicit the form of the tense And show on the slide When the t is done with PPP gives he HO2

practice the tl (12-20 minutes) • To get them used to using the TL by matching and speaking activities

-t hands out the Ho for part A ss will work with their partner and match he questions with their answers ( the answers will be on the PPP) 1c 2f 3e 4 b5d 6a - On part B they will walk in the class and ask their friends when they were born - An the end for Fb t ask some questions like; **** If anybody finishes this activity before class they can write 3-5 sentences they've talked about. When was Eda born? elicit she was born When was Deniz born? elisit he was born? When were mesut and Andullah born? elicit they were born

Feedback (2-3 minutes) • to be able to fix ss errors

- When ss are doing their conversation T takes notes if they make any mistakes if not writes on the board ; She were born in 1992 He was born in 1994

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