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TP 4
Elementary level


In this lesson sts will learn about the vocabulary concerning the meeting places and activities to do with friends. Vocabulary will be introduced during the lead in. Then sts will do a gist and a detail reading practice related to the context. After, a vocabulary exercise, sts will do a semi-controlled and a freer speaking practice.


Abc Reading text
Abc Vocab Ex.1V
Abc Semi-controlled speaking Ex.2V
Abc Gap-fill Ex.3R

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson sts will have had practice with reading for gist and detail in the context of places we meet friends and activities we do with them

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide sts a semi-controlled and freer speaking practice in the context of friends and meeting places.
  • to introduce and practice vocabulary related to the context


Lead in, pre-teach vocab. (7-8 minutes) • Introduce the context and relevant vocabulary

T will stick some pictures of various places in Istanbul on WB, one by one, introducing different locations he meets his friends. He also gives examples of things they do with his friends in those places. T will elicit both locations and activities. location vocab. mall, market, park, square, seaside, cafe, countryside activity vocab. live, meet, go, see, buy, drink, eat, lay, meditate, walk, jog, run degree vocab. love, like, don't like, hate.

Reading for gist (2-3 minutes) • practice reading for gist

Sts will be instructed to read the text that is going to be handed-out and answer the question which will be written on WB; "Where do friends meet in _______?" for each small passage (Abu Dhabi, Dallas, Hanoi, Florence). They will have 30 seconds to answer the question and they will do a PW. Feedback will be done as a S-T.

Reading for detail Ex.3 (6-7 minutes) • To provide practice for detailed reading

T will instruct sts to read the text again that is handed out and complete the gaps with the choices given, individually for 1 minute. They will check their answers in PW. Then T will do the feedback with T-S. Sts will give the reasons for their answers.

Vocab. Ex.1V (6-7 minutes) • to review the vocabulary used in the reading text

T will hand-out the exercise and instruct sts to come up with the verbs for each group of expressions doing PW, in 1 minute tops. S-T feedback will be done. Then T will instruct them to come up with more expressions to go with each verb in 2 minutes doing PW. Then, sts will share what they have came up with.

Semi-controlled speaking Ex.2V (5-6 minutes) • To practice the introduced vocabulary through speaking

Sts will be instructed to do a PW and tell each other couple of places they go with friends and the things they do there. T will monitor and do a delayed error correction on WB. T can demo by creating a conversation with one of the students.

Freer Speaking Exercise, Find Someone Who (9-10 minutes) • to provide a freer speaking practice of the introduced vocabulary.

T will hand-out a table containing various places and activity to do. T will instruct sts to stand-up and talk with each other, trying to figure out who loves/likes/doesn't like/hate which place and activity. T will monitor and do a delayed error correction on WB.

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