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Elif CELIK 22 Nov 2013 - Listening & Speaking Practice in the context of the Phone Conversation
Pre-Intermediate level


In this class, Ss get to practice their receptive skills of listening for detail and also productive skills of speaking in the context of the phone conversation. Potentially New Vocabulary and/or phrases relevant to topic will be pre-taught. During the lesson,controlled listening activities will be provided mostly. The first speaking activity is freer than the later ones where students discuss a topic in pairs. If time allows, Ss will be assign for a role play in groups that will be controlled speaking activity and after depending on time concern, Ss might get a chance to also have a freer speaking practice at the end.


Abc Activities HO

Main Aims

  • to provide practice in ''listening'' (receptive skill) by using the context of the ''phone conversation''

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide practice in ''speaking'' (productive skill) by using the context of the ''phone conversation''


Lead-In (3-5 minutes) • To introduce and to generate interest in and a short practise of speaking

Ss will be asked to discuss two given questions in pairs shortly.

Pre- Listening (3-5 minutes) • To ensure ss get the meanings of the Vocabulary/- Ss read the text in advance

Ss will be allowed to read the text quickly before listening and will be checked and will be covered a few new phrases up ( Pre-teach vocabulary) if needed.

While Listening 1 a) (5-7 minutes) • To improve ss' listening skill for detail

Ss will be asked to work in pairs and to fill in the blanks in exercise 1 a).

Controlled Listening 1 b) (IND.) (2-3 minutes) • to get ss to listen for more details

Ss will be asked to work individually to do the exercise 1 b) then will be asked to check with their peers. If time allows, a short WC FB will be provided or ss will check them later by pre-provided AK.

Listening 2 a) and then 2 b) (6-8 minutes) • To get Ss answer the questions

Ss will be asked to work as a group/in pairs and to do Listening 2 a) ex. while they are expected to put the conversation in right order by using the provided cut ups. Then, ex 2 b) will be given to Ss and after listening and completing the exercise. Ss will check the answers with their partners. The record will be played twice if needed.

''Match Headline'' Activitiy (3-5 minutes) • to get check ss ''compherension'' of the context

Ss will be assigned to match headline activity in pairs.

Controlled Speaking Activity (5-10 minutes) • to practice ss speaking skills

If time allows, ss will be asked to play a pre-prepared play role by using the exact tonation of characters that's been played earlier. It can be played again at the end of the class particularly for this activity as a demo.

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