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TP 6- Speaking and Listening
A2 Elementary level


In this lesson, the students will be practicing their speaking and listening skills within the context of describing people. Students will listen to an audio of a person describing someone they know. Then the students will complete activities linked to the audio and then finally produce a short description of someone that they admire.


Abc Vocab eliciting sheet
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Abc Task 4 template for description
Abc Task 3 table and sentences
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Main Aims

  • For students to develop their spoken fluency within the context of describing people.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For students to listen for detail to descriptions of people.


Lead in- Describing people- Describe the pictures at the top of the page (5 minutes) • To elicit students prior vocabulary

Instructions- 1.Look at the pictures (show them the pictures). 2. Write words to describe the pictures. Demonstrate- Have numbers 1-5 written on the board. Write: smart clothes next to 1. 3. Work in pairs you have 3 minutes Feedback- Students to write some of the words on the board.

Pre-Teach new vocabulary and phrases (5 minutes) • To ensure students have knowledge of vocabulary needed for activities.

Students will complete a matching activity to try and match the correct phrases to pictures that demonstrate their meaning. Instructions- 1. Match the phrases to the pictures. Feedback answers on the board A 1 B 4 C 2 D 3 Then go through each one. Concept check, drill and write. o Admire CCQ- Do you admire a bad person? Do you admire a good person? Drill- Word then in a sentence. I admire him Write with stress. o get in touch CCQ- I phoned my friend. Did I get in touch? I don't speak to my friend. Did I get in touch? Drill- Phrase then sentence- We get in touch once a year Write with stress. get on well CCQ- Draw two people with sad faces. Do they get on well? Use pictures from task. Do they get on well? Drill- Phrase then sentence. They get on well. We get on well. Write don't get on well CCQ- Draw two people with happy faces. Write: they get on well. Is this right? Drill- Phrase then Sentence- We don't get on well. Write

Gist listening- Task 1 (5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson context and get students to engage in it.

Instructions- 1. Look at task 1. 2. Listen to Lesley on the CD. 3. Which person (gesture to pictures) is Lesley talking about? ICQ- Do you need to understand all words? N Feedback- Number 5.

Detailed listening ( If other sections overrun skip this activity) (7 minutes) • To check that students understand some of the language used for describing people

Instructions- 1. Look at task 2a 2. Listen to the CD 3. Circle the correct word in sentences 1-6. 4. Work on your own ICQ- Do you circle the correct word? Listen to audio and monitor students. If students struggle, listen again. Feedback- Check with your partner. Write answers on board 1.Neighbour 2.Talking 3.Alone 4.Happy. 5.Uncle 6.Cup

Exposure to some target language- Task 3 Identify the gist of the sentence (8 minutes) • For students to recognise the meaning of vocabulary around describing peoples relationships.

Instructions- 1. Read sentences a-i. What are they about? 2 .Put each sentence in 1,2 or 3.(gesture to chart) Demonstrate with a (1) on the WB. 3. Work in groups. You have 5 minutes ICQ- Are you working as a group? Monitor and error correct group work Feedback with CD

Controlled practice- Task 4-Plan a description (8 minutes) • For students to prepare ideas for a spoken description.

Instructions- 1. Think about someone you admire. 2. Look at the questions. 3. Write answers to the questions. Demonstrate on the board- Write answers to one of the questions and say who you admire. Use full sentences. 4. Work on your own. You have 8 mins. ICQ-Are you going to write sentences? Monitor and ensure students are writing sentences. Discuss ideas for students and error correct any misuse of vocab and prompt use of some vocab if appropriate Feedback- Look at each other's answers.

Free practice- Task 5- Sharing the descriptions with peers. (12 minutes) • For students to develop their spoken fluency when describing people

Swap groups around. Instructions 1. Speak about the person you admire. 2. Use full sentences. Demonstrate: Mime using the sheet and say a dialogue. ( If some ssts still unsure get an able student to demonstrate. 3. Work in groups. You have 8 minutes. Monitor students speaking, record some errors for delayed feedback if necessary. Encourage students to add detail and to speak rather than read directly from their script. Feedback- Some delayed feedback as a class ( if any errors observed) or hear some examples and try to get students to identify mistakes/ correct them.

Extra Plenary- Group discussion- What do we admire about people? (If time allows) • To give students the opportunity to discuss ideas with the peers and practice vocabulary

Write the question on board. Instructions- 1. Answer this question. Demonstrate- Kindness, success, bravery etc 2. Work in groups. Feedback some answers and add to the board.

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