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Grammar lesson 3
Intermediate level


In this lesson, I will follow a guided discovery lesson about direct and reported speech in statements and questions in the context of shopping and relationships. They will answer comprehension questions about the texts they'll be given. Then they will focus on the model sentences. This is followed by a controlled practice and freer one where they will report information about what their peers said to them.


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Main Aims

  • To review and provide practice about direct and reported speech in the context of shopping and relationships.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To speak fluently about what has been said in the context of personal relationships.


Lead in / Building context (4-5 minutes) • To generate Ss's interest in the topic of shopping.

-T will use the lead-in questions as "find someone who" activity. -Ss will be given 2 min to go around to answer and ask each other those questions.

Reading task (6-7 minutes) • To react to the content of the text and to contextualise the target language.

-Ss will read three different texts about products that are for sale. Note: The texts will be the introduction for the context of relationships. -Ss will react to the content of the texts and discuss the questions in pairs. Excercise 1-d

Highlighting target language (4-5 minutes) • To highlight the target language (reported speech) so that learners are focussed on it .

-Ss will extract sentences that have been said by someone else(reported speech). -They will change the sentences to the actual sentences that people used when they said them(Direct speech). 3 min -T will give the model sentences in reported speech and direct speech through a matching activity. -Ss will work in groups to do the matching activity. -Each group will check the other group's answers. -T will show the answer key on the board.

Clarifying target language (7-12 minutes) • To clarify meaning, pronunciation and form of the target language.

Eliciting the meaning: -Are the sentences that you highlighted said by the same person who wrote the sale offer?(No, by someone else) -In the case of Marianne, who is she talking about?(talking about her fiance) -What did he do?(He broke up with her because he was in love with another woman) -How did you know that?(She told us) So she reported the news to us. -Is it direct or reported speech?(Reported) -What about the second sentence, who told you that her fiance is in love with another person?(He told us directly) You knew directly from the person himself. -Is it a reported or direct speech?(Direct) Eliciting the form : -Ss will underline the differences between the sentences that they matched in the previous activity.(In groups) -The two groups will compare their answers. -T does this as WCF: What are the things that changed?(Tenses and pronouns) -Ss will work individually to do a filling gap activity to notice/remember the changes that happen when changing from direct speech to reported speech. -Ss do peer check. -They will see the answers on the board. Pronunciation: -T will try to elicit the pronunciation from the students. How can you say this?with falling or rising intonation? where's the sentence stress? -T will drill the sentences from the gap filling activity focussing on the sentence stress, intonation, and weak form.

Language practice (11-16 minutes) • To provide students with a written controlled practice and oral freer practice.

1-Chinese whisper. 3min -T will do a short demo with one of the students. -One student will whisper one sentence about his shopping habits, that he talked about in the lead-in, to the person next to him. -Th next person will report the sentence doing all the necessary changes. -The last person will say the reported speech and check with the whole class if it's correct. -T will elicit the error if there's any and make the students correct it reminding them of the rules. 2-Memories. -Ss will write one sentence that their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend had told them before breaking up. in direct speech. -They will change the sentences to reported speech. -T will go around correcting any errors -Up to the students to share it with the whole class. 3-Q-A -Ss will ask their partners 3 questions about their past relationships. -They will change partners and report what they have been told. -DEC

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