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In this lesson, Sswill review and practice a lexical set related to some products we may buy from a shop in the context of buying things. Furthermore, they will have listening and then speaking activities to practice using the demonstrative adjectives and pronouns of 'this, that, these, those' to be able to address the proximity of the objects in semi-controlled conversation.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in the context of buying things

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of some products we can buy in a shop in the context of buying things
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of buying things in a shop


Warmer/Lead-in (1-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

1. T greets the Ss and commences the session 2. T says: "This evening I have to go shopping because I need to buy some things for my self from Migros. Look at the walls. I have pictures of the things I need to buy from the supermarket."

Vocabulary #1: Meaning (4-6 minutes) • To elicit and recycle the meaning of the words in the pictures

1. T gives instruction for Act1: - Look at this paper here. (T will chest HO1) - There are 3 boxes here. - I want you to write the name of the things I need to buy in the columns. If you know the name, you write it here (I know), If you are not sure about the name your write it here (I'm not sure), If you don't know the name you write the number of the picture here (I don't know) 2. T ICQs 4. T distributes HO1 3. T asks Ss to stand up/go around the class/and write down the names of the objects in the pictures/2 minutes 4. T asks for peer check: - Now go around the class and ask the words you don't know from your classmates/2 minutes 5. T give FB (see next stage)

Vocabulary #2: Meaning and pronunciation (5-7 minutes) • To elicit/provide meaning and practice pronunciation

1. T asks for/gives FB: - What is number 1? - T praises the Ss - T projects and highlights the form - T asks Ss to check their spelling - T projects and highlights the phonemic script of the lexical item - T drills chorally/individually - T CCQs if necessary 2. T repeats steps in 1 for the rest of the lexical items

Vocabulary #3: Singular and plural forms (4-6 minutes) • To elicit/present the singular and plural forms of the lexical items, and practice their pronunciation

1. T sets up Act2 - Here is a table - Some words are singular (one) and some are plural (many) - Complete the table with the correct form of the noun - Work alone - 2 minutes 2. T ICQs 3. T gives out HO2 4. T asks for pair check 5. T projects the answers 6. T drills chorally/individually

Listening (while): TL exposure (3-5 minutes) • To provide listening for detailed information practice, and expose Ss to the TL in the context of buying things in a shop

1. T sets up Act3 - T projects the pictures of the conversation - T elicits the place and the situation (a customer is asking for price in a shop from a shop assistant) - You will hear a conversation between them - You need to write down the price of each product in the gaps - Work alone 2. T ICQs and distributes HO3 3. T plays the audio recording 4. T asks for pair check 5. T projects the answers

Listening (post): TL analysis (4-6 minutes) • To further highlight the meaning, use, form, and the pronunciation of the TL

1. T sets up Act4: - In this activity we have a table again - We need to complete the table using 'this, that, these, those' from the conversation we listened to - Do this alone - 1 minute - T CCQs - T distributes HO4 2. T asks for pair check 3. T prepares a similar table on WB 4. T elicits the answers form WC 5. For each item T presents the meaning, use, form, and the pronunciation and CCQs if necessary

Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

1. T sets up Act 5: - Here we have 4 situations - Look at the pictures and complete the sentences using 'this, that, these, those' - Work alone - 1 minute 2. T forms new pairs 3. T asks for pair check 4. Asks for WCFB

Semi-Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To concept check further and provide semi-controlled practice of the TL

1. T sets up Act 6: - Here we have 4 small conversations - You need to look at the objects and their prices on the wall and ask and answer these questions from each other - T asks Ss to come to the middle of the class - T divides students into 2 groups: shop assistant/customer - Find a person you haven't spoken to today from the different group - Practice the conversation - T models one conversation if necessary 2. T changes the roles of the Ss 3. T monitors and provides on-spot/late correction 4. T wishes everyone a good day!

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