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Technology and you
Beginner level


In this lesson ss learn some basic vocab related to technology, then learn the use of "have" for possession and Simple Present yes/no questions, finally ss use the newly acquired knowledge in a controlled speaking practice.


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Main Aims

  • "Have" for possession, I, you, we, they have, he, she, it has. Simple present yes/no questions e.g. Do you have...?

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocab related to technology, controlled speaking Vocab 1 a computer 2 an email address 3 a website 4 a fax machine 5 a mobile phone 6 a printer 7 a digital camera


Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Introduction of basic vocab related to technology

Present realia and pictures and ask the ss if they can name some. Elicit what they don't know yet. Choral drill them. Distribute HO1 to make them match words to pictures as practice and as a final stage in the acquisition of the new vocab. They will work in groups of 3-5. New vocab for this stage: 1 a computer 2 an email address 3 a website 4 a fax machine 5 a mobile phone 6 a printer 7 a digital camera

Grammar (14-15 minutes) • Teaching TL "have/has"

Present the TL using realia from previous activity. Take one item and say: "I have a...." then give it to a ss and say: "You have a..." then pass it on to another ss and say "He has a..." Drill these sentences. Make ss practice form through a short gap fill exercise (HO2). HO2 “Have” or “has”? I ………… a computer. We ………… mobile phones. My brother …………. a printer. You ………... a digital camera. He ……….. an email address. Yavuz ………... a website. They ………….. a fax machine. For further practice give the ss HO3. It's a sentence reordering exercise. The ss will do it as GW and then write the answers together on the WB. HO3 1. A / FATHER / PHONE / MY / HAS 2. HAVE / PRINTER / THEY / A 3. LAPTOP /HAVE / A / I 4. A / HAVE/ YOU / DIGITAL CAMERA 5. DOCTOR/ A/ HAS /THE /COMPUTER

Functional language (7-9 minutes) • Teaching ss how to say their emails

Use OHP to show email addresses, read one example and ask ss to try to read the rest. Distribute HO4 and let ss do the matching. HO4. 1. @ slash 2. / com 3. . at 4. Com dot Make ss check each other's answers. SS mingle and make the following dialogue. A. "Do you have an email?" B. "Yes, I have an email". A . "What is it?" B. "It's ....."

Speaking activity (6-7 minutes) • Practicing Simple Present yes/no questions "do you have..." and mingle activity

Review the question "do you have..." T should demo with one HO in front of the whole class first. Distribute HO5. After ss finish answering the questions about themselves ask them to stand up and "interview" their classmates as a mingle activity. T must demo this. SS practice Simple Present yes/no questions "do you have..."

Speaking activity (5-6 minutes) • Make sentences about each other to report to the class

Put ss into groups, ask them to look at each other's questionnaires and make reports about their classmates. E.g. Gultekin has a printer. Demo this activity.

Extra activity: Hangman (3-4 minutes) • Practice spelling of new vocab

Play hangman on the WB with the whole class using the new vocab learned in the lesson.

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