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Copy of Listening, Couchsurfing
Elementary, Grade A1/A2 level


In this lesson, the students will have two listening activities which include the vocabulary they have been taught and also the grammar there is/there are; which gives them the chance to talk about couchsurfing project and use their ideas in a real life situation speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide the students with listening excercises to practice vocabulary of furniture and the grammar there is/there are

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the students with speaking activities to put vocabulary and grammar they have learnt into practice


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To get the students engaged in the topic of the listening

The teacher will start the class by asking students to show her what they have drawn in Ebi's class, she will leave some comments and then ask "who has a big bedroom? is it your bedroom or do you share it with your brother or sister?is it good or bad? why?" "what about a guest? do you like to have a guest in your house?"; as the words guest and host are related to the topic, they can help students understand the lesson easier so T will teach them and also ask some CCQS: "it's your birthday and you have a party in your house, are you a guest?no" "are your friends guests?yes" "are you a host? yes""does a host go to a party?no" this part will be followed by giving them a handout which has some questions " you like to have a guest from another country? why? 2.can you help him? how?" then they will discuss the questions in pairs. An ICQ will be asked :" will you write the answers? no" whole class feedback

Pre-listening task (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic of the listening

As the teacher is getting the feedback of the previous part she will pre-teach the word "local" and ask a CCQ: "Am I a local here?no" " do you know places in Istanbul?yes" "are you local?yes" "do you help people from other countries?yes are they local?no" Then the teacher gives each group of four, 4 pictures including one picture of the website and three pictures of couchsurfers and writes three questions on the board " "what's its name?"" who uses it?" "why do people use it?" whole class feedback (since there is not only the name but also the description of the website in the first picture, it's not going to be difficult for students to come up with ideas). The teacher should only introduce the word "couchsurfer" and ask a CCQ: "is he a host or a guest?a guest" "does he stay in a hotel?no"

Pre-listening task 2 (8-12 minutes) • To help the students get some ideas what coursurfing project is

Each group will have four questions taken from Ex2 of the book, the answer of which they should guess. The teacher will ask an ICQ : "do you know the answers? no" "will you guess? yes". Then they will listen and check their answers. If there is a need, they will listen to it twice, after that the teacher will give each student in the group a piece of the text which includes the answer to one of the questions above, this will be followed by having each student read her own part and sharing the answer with others. As the teacher is getting the feedback she will ask the reason why the students have answered the questions like that.

Gist listening (1-2 minutes) • To get the students find the gist of the listening

The teacher will introduce Beth and Clare, ask the students to listen to a conversation and then ask a question " who is the couchsurfer and who is a local person?" The students will have a pair check. who class feedback

Listening for details (5-7 minutes) • To help students find out some details about the listening

The teacher will give the students a handout, there are 5 Wh questions which also include the question in Ex2 of the listening part. They will listen to the conversation again and answer the questions. They will check and if they need it, the teacher will play it twice. whole class feedback

Speaking (8-12 minutes) • To provide the students with a speaking task which include the grammar and the vocabulary which have been taugh so far

The teacher will group the class into two "couchsurfers and local people". Having their drawings from the previous session, local people will stand in one side of the class and make a line, the couchsurfers will go to each local person and have a conversation and the local person should show him around his house. By the end they should choose three houses to stay. Since the task is complicated the teacher will do the grouping first. Having the local people in one side, she will ask them " will you talk about your house?yes" and will ask one student to make an example: "there are 2 bedrooms in my house". Then she will ask couchsurfers one ICQ: "will you talk to one person?no" "how many houses will you choose?3". To get the feedback the teacher will pair the students up and ask them to tell their partners which houses they have chosen and why. Finally the teacher will nominate some students to tell the class which one they have chosen and why.

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