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In this lesson Ss review the grammar of passive form from the context of text. They do a couple of controlled practise in group format and discuss the usage of TL. In a feer practise they use the TL in productive skill of writing a speech and later they read it out loud for their peer group members.


Abc Global student book - page 67
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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practise of form and meaning of passive form through text

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide writing a speech as frer practise of the TL


Test- Lead in (1-3 minutes) • To draw Ss attention in to the TL and review the grammar F

MF: I show the slide of school of Athena and one sentence from the Listening of previous lesson. "In ancient Greece people in formal education were thought rhetoric and little else." T elicit the form and meaning of the grammar from Ss.

Teach - Grammar presentation - MF (5-7 minutes) • Eliciting and concept checking of the G through a text

T ask following question to complete the eliciting the F of the TL. 1- What is the form of the sentence? Passive 2- What is the tense? past 3- How do we know? 'To be' verb shows us. -----were------ 4- How do we form a sentence in English? Subj+verb+obj+CC 5- How do we form a passive sentence? Subj (former obj) + to be+p.p.+ (by+former subj) + CC T shows the slide with the formula on the WB. CCQ: 1- In a passive form; is subject/doer/agent important? No

Test - controlled practise (3-5 minutes) • To parctise MF of the TL in CP

T show HO to Ss and explain to them that they need to read 4 short texts and change the sentences in italic font in to passive and write them down. ICQ: 1- How many texts? 4 2- Do you need to change the whole text or just sentences in Italic? In italic ones T gives HO to Ss. She does the first sentences as demo. People view him as one of the most powerful speakers of modern times. He is viewed as one of .... Ss do this activity in CP and then they check the answers with the answer key on the WB.

Teach - the use of TL (1-3 minutes) • To draw Ss attention in to the use TL in a text

T elicit the information Ss already know about the TL. 1- When do we use passive form? when the Subj is not important 2- Can you think of any other reason to use the passive form? Ss contemplate over the answer. T shows a slide. There are other reasons for using the passive form. - to avoid responsibility - the subj/obj is known to everyone - the subj/obj is unknown CCQ: 1- DO we use passive form JUST when the subject of the sentence is not important? No

Test - controlled practise (3-5 minutes) • To parctise usage of the TL in CP

T asks Ss to quickly read the sentences that they wrote on previous activity and decide the reason to use passive form for each sentences. T does the first one as demo: 1- The action is more important than the subject Ss can check their answers with the answer key on the WB 1- avoid 2- Unknown subject 3- Action is more important

Freer practise - writing (15-18 minutes) • To make them ready for writing and speaking skill activity by using the TL in an interactive way

T asks Ss to watch a very short video by MLK - 1'.25" and write the passive verbs he uses in his speech. Answers: 1- All men are created equal... 2- ...will be transformed to an oasis of freedom & ... 3- ...they will not be judged.... T asks Ss what would be the reason that any great speech uses the passive form. Ss give their ideas. T shows anew slide on WB with 4 topics and asks students to sit in group. T explains that each group needs to choose one topic and write a 2 minutes speech. ICQ: 1- What are you going to write? a speech 2- How many minutes speech? 2 minutes - a short one 3- In the group or individually? In the group T gives them enough of time and monitors them remotely and writes notes.

Follow up (2-4 minutes) • To improve their speaking skill while giving their speech to their group

After they have finished writing their speech, T asks them to discuss it in their group and if there is a student who is comfortable to give the speech to WC and time allows, T asks him/her to do so. Otherwise they try to practise the speech in their own group and teacher listens to each group and corrects the TL errors.

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