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Describing people (part 2)
9th grade level


In this lesson students will be given the chance to use what they have learnt in the previous lesson and they will be introduced to new adjectives concerning physical appearance


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Main Aims

  • Be able to describe people

Subsidiary Aims

  • Enhance reading sub-skills


Pre-reading (8-12 minutes) • Prepare students to read the text

- The teacher gives a hand-out to the students that constrains physical appearance adjectives. - the teacher shows the students a picture from the reading text and ask him to describe the girl in the picture by relying on the hand-out and what they have learnt in the previous lesson. - pair check - whole class feedback and correction.

While-reading (13-18 minutes) • Understand the text in depth

- The students will read silently and fill in the fact-file. - The teacher will read the text out loud and explain the difficult words along, - The teacher along with the students correct the fact-file. - students reread the text and answer the questions. - pair check - whole class feedback and correction.

Post-reading (10-15 minutes) • Students react to the text

- the teacher will ask the students to describe a picture that he will display - The teacher will monitor and offer help when needed - The studdents will read their work

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