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TP3 - The World of Work
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practise forming questions using have to/had to. In pairs, they will do a short writing/matching activity and then a listening activity to listen for detail and answer some comprehension questions. Finally, then they will practise controlled and semi-controlled speaking through a role play in the context of the world of work.


Abc Exercises - have to/ had to questions.
Abc Language summary - have to/ had to questions and short answers.
Abc Interesting Jobs descriptions
Abc Guess the job question forming sheet

Main Aims

  • To provide practice forming have to/had to questions and wh- questions, in writing, listening, and speaking, in the context of the world of work.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about Melissa and Nigel in the context of a conversation.
  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of a conference.


Lead-In (5 minutes) • To set the context for lesson

1. Teacher asks students what they remember about Gary (from previous lesson) and students share what they remember. 3. Teacher writes an example question on the board and elicits the meaning and form of the question from the students. 5. Teacher gives students handout 1 and completes the first question with the class. 6. Students complete the first exercise in pairs. 7. Teacher asks for student feedback on the board.

Speaking activity: Short answer questions (5 minutes) • To practise controlled speaking using questions with short answers.

1. Teacher explains to students that they must match the question to the correct short answers. 2. Students ask each other the questions in pairs and respond with yes/no short answers. 3. Teacher gives students a sheet with the grammatical structures for the previous exercises as a reference. 4. Teacher asks students to read through the tips at home regarding have got to and if there are any questions the students may talk to the teacher the next day.

Making questions (writing). (5 minutes) • To make questions with the correct form of have to in the Present Simple and the Past Simple.

1. Teacher explains next task, gives out the handout and does the first question with the class. 2. Students finish the exercise in pairs and check answers as a whole class.

Listening for detail (7 minutes) • To listen for detail in a text and answer comprehension questions.

1. Students listen to the text two times. 2. Students answer the questions individually. 3. Students give feedback as a whole class.

Writing activity preparing for speaking. (9 minutes) • To write questions using have to/had to.

1. The teacher explains to the students about the conference and their new roles. 2. The teacher hand out the question form and does the first question with the class. 3. The students finish the questions in pairs. Early finishers will get to start reading their profiles for the role play. 4. The teacher checks understanding and elicits use of the wh- questions to follow-up.

Speaking role play conference (12 minutes) • To practise controlled and semi-sontrolled speaking

1. The students get to read their profiles. 2. The students find a new partner and they ask each other there questions. They need to complete as much of the sheet as possible. If the answer is yes, they ask follow-up questions. 3. The teacher monitors and finished with whole class error correction.

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