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Gr 6 Sem 1 Wk 10
Grade 6 level


Kids learn some history about the modern Olympics and practise saying years.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice saying years in the context of the Olympics

Subsidiary Aims

  • Kids learn some about the modern Olympics


intro (2-4 minutes) • get interest about the Olympic games

Ask anyone if they know where the Olympics was this year (answer, Rio) Play the intro song.

Reading (8-10 minutes) • Kids read, through a ppt, some Olympic history

Go through the ppt. Have kids read. At the end ask them what is the most interesting thing they know about the Olympics. They can talk about this in pairs.

focus on language (8-10 minutes) • review the (rather complicated) rules for saying years in English.

Go through the next few slides. Between slides is a controlled practice with a lot of different years that kids can say. Call on individual students for this. (Years like 306 are "three oh six")

Semi-controlled Activity (6-10 minutes) • kids get comfortable with the language they will use in fp

Go on to the mother slides. Have kids read the demo sentences and then make up on their own. Then get two kids to come to the front. One says a mother sentence and the other has to write what s/he hears.

Freer practice (6-10 minutes) • Allow kids to use new language in inventive ways

Play "My mother did..." 2 students come up in front, the first says something cool (and made up) about mom - "My mother plays basketball", the next says something cooler about mom - "My mother played basketball in the Olympics" and so on. If a kid can't come up with anything, the other kid wins. Demo a few times in front of class, then the students can do it themselves in pairs. If there's time they can do fathers, grandparents, etc. If you want to incorporate the years you can make them start with "In [year], my mother..."

extra song (4-4 minutes) • go out with fun

Play the "year 2525" song. Kids won't be able to follow all of the words but hopefully they'll enjoy the strange images.

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