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Copy of Reading - Getting it Right?
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students read about the predictions of James Martin and then test the sentences on the Exercise section against the predictions. Finally they will discuss about the predictions.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Future Predictons in the context of Extracts from James Martin's 1977 book; "After the Internet: Alien Intelligence"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of "unique", "wealth", "breed" in the context of extracts from James Martin's 1977 book; "After the Internet: Alien Intelligence"


Lead - in & Introduction to the Reading (4-5 minutes) • To raise curiosity and make a smooth passage to the reading text

Showing a caption from the movie on Powerpoint: Back to the Future II, teacher asks: T - WC: What movie is this? WC: ... T- What do you know about this movie? Who are the characters? What is happening? Why is it named "Back to the Future"? Discuss with your pair! S - S discussion (1 minute) Taking the attention of the students, T asks: T - WC: Can you tell me what you know about Back to the Future now? Nominating: T - S ... T - S... T - WC: So, I notice that in this film, characters go to a future time. What year do they travel to? S - ... S - ... T: It is 2015. So how is the "future" like in the movie? Does it really look like today? What did the movie predict right? Modelling: T: - How do we communicate? S: - ... Mobile phones? T: - Ok but if I am away and I want to see your face, then how? S: ... Skype? Facetime? T: So, who know, maybe they predicted skype? Nominating: T - S: ... S: ... (They might say "Nike shoes", "Skype", "3 D". T - WC: Now, do you want to watch some scenes from the film? Please watch and identify the technology with your pair. 1. Video Conferencing Scene 2. Self - tying shoe laces scene 3. Robot & 3D tech - (from 55th second of the secene) Feedback & Checking Undestanding: T - WC: Think about the scenes from the film. Now, do you know which predictions about 2015 the director got right? Students briefly answer such as "3D"! "Skype!" TRANSITION T - WC: So, Back to the Future was very successful actually, right? :) Today we will not talk about a director but a writer. He has a book and he also made some correct predictions maybe! Teacher shows the picture of James Martin and the cover page of the book on Powerpoint. T - WC: - So, who is James Martin exactly? Have a look at his book. What is it about? S: .... S: ...

Pre-check Vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • To clarify some of the lexical items on the text

Eliciting: a) T shows the picture of a fingerpint on Powerpoint. b) Definition: the only one of its kind; unlike anything else Example: Each person's fingerprints are unique. Part of Speech: adjective Pronunciation / Stress: unique Concept Check: (on the spot) Eliciting: a) T shows two pictures with money and luxury on Powerpoint. b) Definition: The state of being rich Example: Some people buy boats and cars to show their wealth! Part of Speech: noun Pronunciation / Stress: wealth Concept Check: (on the spot) Eliciting: a) T shows the picture of two rabbits in love. She says: They breed and there are 4, 5, 6, ... rabbits! b) Definition: (Of animals) mate and produce babies Part of Speech: verb Pronunciation / Stress: breed Concept Stress: (on the spot)

Scimming of the Reading Text (10-12 minutes) • Reading for a general understanding of the reading text

a) Speed Reading Teacher chests the reading text. T - WC: You will look at the predictions of James Martin quickly. You will have 1 minute. Then you are going to think about James Martin's predictions. Have any of them happened yet? In 2016? You will discuss in pairs. Instruction Check: Nominating: 1) How much time do we have to read the text? SS: 1 minute! 2) What are we discussing about? SS: Answers will vary. a) Speed Reading: (Time Limit: 1 minute) - Teacher stays totally mute and sits at this stage. b) Discussion with pairs: (8 minutes) - T monitors the pairs as they discuss. She takes notes. This can take as long as 8 minutes. T - S: T- What do you think? Which of them have happened yet? Can you give an example? S - We think... T - And what about you? Which is in our daily lives? S - ... Skill type: Receptive Skill (Reading) Rationale: I want the students to have a general idea of the main points of the text without being worried about the ideas. It "entails the reader's ability to pick out main points rapidly" (Harmer, Jeremy. "The Practice of English Language Teaching". 1991 pg. 183. Longman Publishing) Skill Type: Productive Skill (Speaking) Rationale: After students have completed the scimming individually, I will ask them to discuss their ideas with their pairs. They will have the opportunity for freer speaking practice and be able to express their personal ideas.

Checking Detailed Understanding (4-5 minutes) • Making sure that students have a clear understanding of the text

Teacher chests the "Same or Different?" handouts. T - WC: On the papers, you will see some statements about the text. You will find out if they are same (T shows the original text while telling this) or different from what James Martin predicts on his book. Demoing / Nominating: Teacher makes the first exercise together with a strong student. T - S: Teacher shows the first statement on powerpoint: a) We won't have to carry so many forms of identification... T - What do you think? Is it the same as Martin predicts? COMPARE! S - YES! T - WC: OK. Very good! Now compare the other statements in pairs. Time Limit: You have 3 minutes to complete. Once the time is up: T - WC: Check your answers with other pairs! Walk around the classroom! Feedback: T writes the answer key on the white board.

Post-Reading Task: Group Discussion (10-12 minutes) • To let students discuss their personal reactions & feelings about the reading text

Teacher chests the discussion handout and asks: So, James Martin had quite a lot of predictions about technology, computers, etc... I wonder: What do you think about them? Are they all good for us, for humanity? Or do some of them alarm you? Instruction: T - WC - Discuss in groups of three these questions on the paper. After you discuss, I will choose a spokesperson / representative from each group and that person talks about them. Instruction Check: T - S - Are we going to do a pair work or group work? - S: group - Is this a speaking or writing task? - S: Speaking - Who will talk after the discussion? - One student Meanwhile, teacher monitors their progress and takes notes, answers immediate questions. Feedback session: A spokesperson from each group gives their opinions about the discussion questions.

If-Time: Close-up Speaking Task on Back to the Future Predictions (3-4 minutes) • To review what has been discussed so far and link the contexts together

Teacher shows other videos from Back to the Future and asks Students to reflect on them briefly. Finally, she shows them all of the predictions that came true and all the loose ends have been tied. :)

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