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Jobs lesson
Beginners level


This lesson will focus on using "He-his, She-her" in the context of jobs and profession. It will be done by using handouts and practice both in pairs and as whole class. It is our introduction as teachers to the students and therefore the main aim is to familiarize ourselves with each other


Abc He and his- She and her

Main Aims

  • For the students and me to familiarize ourselves with each other.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of to be and possessive pronouns, such as his and her, my and your. in the context of jobs


Introduction (3-5 minutes) • To know each other's names

I will introduce myself with, "my name is Bjorn. what is your name?" I will then let each person introduce themselves in the same manner. This will be used to memorize and correct the pronunciation with the set questions.

He and his, She and her (3-5 minutes) • Introducing various professions and the simple sentences that are to be used for the next practice

I will divide the group in pairs and then give the handout 2a and 2b one of each to each pair. We will then go through the different jobs and practice the pronunciation and the introduce the sentences "Is Amanda an architect? No, she isn't. She is a secretary" I will demonstrate this from the front chesting the handout. I will let the students repeat the sentences after me.

He and his, She and her, part 2 (5-8 minutes) • To let ss practice the given sentences in pairs

The students will now practice in pairs the given sentences and go through all the characters of handout 2a and 2b. I will monitor the students to see if they are able to pronounce and understand the questions and to make sure that everyone is active.

Feedback and possessive pronouns (5-8 minutes) • To get the whole class together and see that everyone understood, and in addition introduce the possesive pronouns, his, her, my, your

I will gather the class together and ask some of the students regarding the characters on the handout. I will then turn around and ask some of the students a question like "Mehmet, are you a policeman?" and he should reply "No I am not". After this I will introduce the sentence "What is her job?" "She is a secretary". And so we will practice "what is your job, what is my job, what is her job what is his job?"

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