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Jobs Lesson
Beginners, A1 level


In this lesson students will consolidate their knowledge of when to use the indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ and the use of apostrophe in contracted words he’s, she’s and they’re as they learn the language of jobs. Greetings, basic language of introductions and numbers will also be reviewed.


Abc Course Book

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking using the language of greetings and introductions to give personal information about self and others, including jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading / Review personal information language from previous lessons.


INITIAL RAPPORT (3-4 minutes) • To develop a safe and secure environment for learning and the environment for the lesson.

Write on board and elicit responses I and WG 1. Hello, How are you? 2. I’m fine, thanks. And you? 1. Fine, thanks. Show gesture for stop, look and listen.

REVIEW (10-15 minutes) • Review the previous lessons: greetings, origin and numbers

Chesting: Explain HO ‘Now you are doing No. 1 to practice greetings’. Give out HO. IW ‘Read No.1 and decide who is saying ……’ GW for FB. ‘In groups of 3 check your answers’. Ss practise dialogue: Gesture students to stand up, point to HO and say ‘Stand up in your groups of 3. Practise this dialogue. The T models and Ss practise dialogue: Explain HO ‘Now you are doing No.2 to practise Where are you from?’ T models dialogue. In your group of 3 read and practise this dialogue. ‘Get into groups of 6’. Show placement one group of 3 opposite the other group of 3. T models dialogue. Ss present to each other in their groups. Ss recall numbers: Explain HO ‘Now you are doing No.3 to practise Numbers’ Gesture students to sit down. Put cards face down on floor. T models the game. Ss write numbers: Gestures students to sit down. Give out the HO: explain ‘ In your groups of 3, write the word under each number. When your group have finished come and get the answer sheet. Ss say numbers: Explain HO ‘Now you are doing No.4’ Students keep the sheet so they can practise at home.

SETTING THE CONTEXT (4-5 minutes) • Introduce students to job vocabulary, focusing on students own jobs.

Dialogue T models sentence frame. T asks the Ss to say in Turkish if they don’t know in English. T writes on the board: 1.I’m a teacher. What’s your job? 2.I’m a …… He’s a ……… She’s a …….

BUILDING VOCABULARY (6-7 minutes) • Introduce students to job vocabulary, focusing on emergency workers.

Flash cards GW T shows each card ‘What is his / her job?’ and elicits answers from different students. If students don’t know T writes it and tells them. T gives groups of 3 their cards and asks them to come and place on the board. T writes on the WB Emergency Workers Photos on board 1.What is his job? What is her job? 2.She is a …. He is a ……

PRONUNCIATION (4-5 minutes) • Develop student's understanding of how to say the word and stress patterns.

T says the words and highlights the stress: Firefighter Paramedic Police officer Ambulance driver Nurse Doctor Nurse does this have a stress? Why not?

CONSOLIDATION (13-14 minutes) • To consolıdate student's knowledge of jobs, and use of 'a' and 'an' and the apostrophe in contracted words.

Activities in the course book, pg 24. Consolidation 1 HO matching IW T gives out and explains the HO. Ss match photos to text. FB T elicits answers. ‘What is Sylvie’s job?’ ‘She’s a / an …’ Consolidation 2 HO audio and chart IW Ss complete the chart. FB T elicits answers. ‘What is Sylvie’s job?’ ‘She is a / an …’ Consolidation 3 HO audio listen and repeat IW FB T models and elicits use of He’s an/a and She’s an/a and teaches the rule.

EXTENSION ACTIVITY - IF NEEDED • To extend student knowledge of more jobs ready for the next lesson

Activity sheet on learning about more jobs. Match the photos to the words. Students can also take this home. Focus on use of 'a' and 'an' T writes on WB She’s a … He’s an She’s a … He’s an …

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