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Writing a letter from holidays
Intermediate level


in this lesson Ss will learn how to write a letter from holidays to a friend


Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a letter in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of future tenses in the context of travel


Warm-up / Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • Make students feel more relaxed and focus on the topic

I will give pictures with different holidays activities and introductory questions: what type of activities do prefer? Why? Find out if your partner has the same or different opinion. For feedback, I will ask about their findings

Presentation of a letter (4-6 minutes) • To observe the layout of the letter and to make a bridge to speaking activity

After lead-in I will elicit how they can communicate with their friends when they are on holidays. Then I will present a letter. Ss will need to identify what is the purpose of each paragraph. Ss will read it and put crosses and ticks next to the things that she is going to do and not. And count how many things she is going and not going to do.

Speaking activity (12-15 minutes) • to provide ideas for writing a letter

Context: imagine you won a tour to some warm Asian country. What are you going to do there? Try to think of some interesting activities. Speak to 5 people in order to find the person with the a) most interesting answer b) same answer as yours

To revise a layout of an informal letter (3-4 minutes) • I want ss to know what information to give in every part of a letter

Using the example of the last exercise we will observe the layout of such kind of a letter

Free writing practice (20-22 minutes) • To practise writing a letter using given layout

Let's imagine a dream holiday. What would be your plans? Write a letter from holidays about future plans. After writing peer assessment - ss will read 3-4 letters and will chose the best one.

Homework and feedback (5-7 minutes) • to summarise the lesson and prepare ss for the homework

We will do final error-correction, summarise the lesson and then will move to the homework.

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