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Dilemmas (Suggestions, opinions, advice)
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be encouraged to talk about dilemmas by using certain structures. They will be practicing reading, writing, speaking and listening by using a picture which will be given to them. There will be other mechanical exercises.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Integrated way of reading, listening and speaking in the context of Dilemmas

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a as PW and GW or w/c in the context of Advices and suggestions


Preperations before the lesson • To prepare the classroom atmosphere

Before the lesson, the picture from the T's book page 220 is copied. After the warm up, teacher will put it on the w/c. Also, sentences in HO 3 are prepared because after some time, they will be put on the w/c too.

Warm-Up (1-10 minutes) • Warming Ss to think about the topic and using certain structures about suggestions and giving advices.

Teachers starts talking about everyday situations and then passes to weather. Students start talking about the weather and places to go in spring or summer. Teachers asks for advices and students are expected to make suggestions for the teacher. At this point, first part of HO 1 is given and students are expected to use some structures on it.

Picture (3-4 minutes) • Encourage Ss to talk about the picture by using the structures given

Students are in groups of 3 or 4. They will discuss what they think about Fiona's dilemma.

Expression ideas, listening each other and writing exercise. (10-15 minutes) • Encourage Ss to use listening, speaking and writing at the same time.

Teachers tells Ss that they now can read sentences on the w/c about Fiona's dilemma. They are also given the picture and asked to pick 6 or 4 of them in any order. Then teacher collects the papers on the w/c back and students are expected to say their choices. If a group doesn't have a sentence that other group says, that group writes that sentence. When all sentences are told and written, students are asked to make them in order according to the picture. At this point, the activity is supported by the ideas of each student orally.

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • Encourage Ss to use certain structures orally

Students are given HO 2 and asked to think about the problems in HO 2. When they have enough time to discuss all of them, teacher asks the w/c about the sentences in HO 2 and w/c responds orally.

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