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TP 4b
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will speak about why being famous is consider an important thing in life. They will be provided with useful language to play a role game impersonating celebrities and journalists.


Abc Material 2
Abc Answer keys
Abc Material 1
Abc Matches game

Main Aims

  • To give students the opportunity of speaking fluently about fame and celebrities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with useful language to complete the speaking tasks successfully.


Warmer (4-5 minutes) • To activate Ss' existing knowledge of the topic and generate interest

Write daredevil on WB, elicit meaning from Ss (stunt - dare - daring stunt). Play Daredevil video. Ask Ss why those people become famous? What's the best way of getting famous? What do you think?

Lead-in (6-7 minutes) • To generate ideas to about celebreties' fame and fortune

Elicit "fame". Write the following on WB: - Have you ever wanted to be famous? Why/Why not? (WB 1') - Why do you think fame is so important for some people? (WB 1') Divide the class into two groups: who want to be famous and who don't. Give Ss instructions to make an onion ring. Students ask each other questions: why being famous is/is not important?

Useful language (9-10 minutes) • To provide Ss useful vocabulary for next speaking activity

Ask Ss to go back to their seats. Regroup Ss in 5 groups. Ask Ss to match words with definitions. HO Matches game. T's monitoring (check for common matching errors). Elicit meaning WC of difficult word(s). Show Answer keys in PPT. Show Ss Material 1, HO Material 1, it describes a rise and fall of a famous person. Ask Ss to work in pairs and put sentences in order. Peer check. Play recording as FB.

Speaking task (8-10 minutes) • To give Ss a chance to use the vocabulary

Ask Ss to prepare for a role play. Ask Ss who wanted to be famous to think about some celebrities they would like to impersonate. Write down a list of details taking inspiration from Material 1 (e.g. "when I was a teenager I wanted to be famous") Ask student who didn't like to be famous to act as journalists, they will interview the celebrities. Ask them to write down some questions for an interview, taking inspiration from Material 1 (e.g. "Did you want to be famous when you were a teenager?"). HO material 2. Wait until Ss get their notes. (2') Ask all Ss to stand up and go around the class for playing the game. (3') Ask Ss to change role. (2') Monitoring, take notes, discrete error correction on the spot.

Error correction and feedback (7-8 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to correct themselves

While Ss are still on task, write on WB wrong sentences for error correction. Ask Ss to go back to their seats. Ask Ss to comment the sentences and elicit corrections. Concentrate on language form for this stage then drill pronunciation and stress.

Wrap-up (4-5 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity of speaking after the error correction

Show Ss Speed Skating 1,000 Meters - Steven Bradbury 2002 Olympics video. Do you think he deserved to be famous? Why/Why not?

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