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ket session 2
ket (university) level


in today's lesson, students study unit 1 of ket book. they learn how to speak about their friends.


Abc ket student book

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of simple present and wh questions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of friends


stage 1 (5-6 minutes) • warm up

greeting. teacher asks student about how do they feel about snowy weather. she askes them if they already have made a snowman with their friends

stage 2 (5-7 minutes) • making background of grammar

teacher briefly explains the grammars about wh questions, yes/no questions, and simple present, and have . teacher uses simple slides and asks the class to read it loud. the examples for each grammar are somple and easy to remember.

stage 3 (7-10 minutes) • task 1

teacher makes groups of 3 students. then she asks them to read the page in their group and say which are true for them. teacher gives them 4 minutes. then teacjer asks each group to write down the answer of this question " which is the most important reason for you?". they have 2 minutes to write their answers. each group reads the answer loudly.

stage 4 (3-5 minutes) • grammar extra

teacher asks students to complete verb boxes by looking back at the sentences in excercise 1. teacher points out the negative forms of each one.

stage 5 (12-15 minutes) • task 2

teacher explains the differences between borrow and lend. students have role play inwhich one of the roles is sister and the other one is brother who is asking his sister to lend her pen. students do this role play in pairs. they have 5 minutes to practice. 1 pair comes to the board and play the roles. then teacher asks student " do you ever have any problems when lending thins to friends? what is the problem? then teacher asks students to read the photo story in their groups to find out why sam is angry at the beginnig but not at the end. they should speak in their groups for 3 minutes.

stage 6 (7-10 minutes) • grammar

teacher asks students to read thrugh the story again and find yes/no questions and wh questions. teacher explains about the why don't... and how about .... . she says that for suggesting sth, after mentioned terms, we should have verb + ing. then teacher aks students to find suggestions.

stage 7 (5-8 minutes) • grammar

teacher asks students to find the wrong questions individually. they have 4 minutes to do it. then each group checks the answers. if they face any problem, they can ask teacher to write the number on the board and discuss with whole class.

stage 8 (6-7 minutes) • vocabulary

students have 5 minutes to fill the blanks. after that teacher asks groups to read the answers loudly.

stage 9 (5-7 minutes) • speaking with wh questions

each pair make a dialogue and use wh questions. they have 3 minutes to have conversation. the most creative one comes to the board and makes the conversation and gets positive for exam.

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