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Beginner level


In this lesson the SS will learn how to retrieve and give personal information such as their first name, surname, marital status, address, profession, phone number and email address. They will develop their receptive skills by listening for specific information in a conversation between an employment agent and a candidate. They will then work on improving their productive skills with a role play interview in PW.


Abc HO ex 6-9

Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice from a text and audio that includes question making sentences such as " what's your surname, what's your email address, are you married?" in a recruitment agency interview context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To clarify and practice vocabulary that includes symbols in an email address. To practice giving and writing an address and email address.


Stage 1 (Lead in) (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson clear to the SS

As a warmer and review of 'professions', T will have the SS put a post-it with a profession on their back. T demos the mingling activity by asking 'am I a/an ____?'. T will make clear that only one question may be asked per SS ( will ask once to one SS, will ask twice to another SS and do a negative buzz sound to indicate that it not allowed. A slide will be on the OHP with a picture of two people in an interview with the title looking for a job to set the context.

Stage 2 (email address) (5-7 minutes) • To provide SS with vocabulary to correctly spell out an email address

-Slide on OHP with a sample email with four different email addresses -Elicit from the SS how to say the email addresses. How: Select 2-3 SS to see if they know. If no, T will module one. T will then point to symbols and certain parts of email address and ask WC to say what they are. If SS reluctant, have them peer consult in PW for 45 sec. and try again. Ex of Qs to elicit: @ ( English class starts ____ 10:30.), co ( sounds la COca COla). Dot, underscore, hyphen will be modules by T. Drill and practice. -On OHP put ex 3. T will go designate certain SS as 'dot' and others as 'com'. T will ask the ' dot and com' to stand up and then will demo them changing seats. In PW the SS will practice saying the email addresses in ex 3. -Ex 5 will be done in GW. SS will tell each other their email addresses.

Stage 3 ( listening and pronounciaton ) (8-12 minutes) • SS will learn to gist listen

-OHP with photo of Tony and Amy. Elicit the SS so come up with interview vocabulary. Qs to ask: What do you see, where are they, who is the manager, who will ask questions, what will he ask? -T holds HO folded so only ex 6 is visible. Mimes that the SS will listen to audio and fill in the gaps. T gives HO, gives them 30 sec. to read the form. -CCQs: what will you write? what will you listen for? -Play audio. play a second time if needed. 3-6 min. -T ask SS to switch form with partner, T puts answers on OHP. FB ( who had 5 mistakes, who had 4 mistakes, ...who had ZERO mistakes?)

Stage 4 (pronunciation) (7-9 minutes) • SS will practise pronouncing with correct stress and intonation

-T will demo to SS to unfold HO to look at ex 7. T will demo to fill in the blanks. 1 min max. Compare with pair, a few seconds. -T will have example of HO on OHP. Volunteer SS will come to the WB and right the answer. -T will demo that SS will listen to audio. Task while listening will be to notice intonation. How: T will module 'are you married' with no intonation and make a no good mime. T will then say it with intonation. -On WB using ex 7 slide, T will mark to stress in sentence. SS will do choral drilling.

Stage 5 ( conducting and interview) (10-12 minutes) • In a controlled speaking practice have SS demonstrate intonation and pronunciation.

-Slide on OHP with "Good morning...." -T makes SS read sentence out loud. -T will choose stronger SS to go with weaker SS for ex 9. -T will demo activity. T will give out HO for activity -Once SS finished, have 2 or more pairs, depending on time, to come up and role play.

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