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Pre -Intermediate level


In this lesson ss will read advertisements about online dating and they will learn vocabulary related to this topic. This subject will generate a lot of discussion.


Abc Reading 1 - questions
Abc Internet advertisement text - Student C
Abc WB
Abc Speaking 1 - questions
Abc Internet advertisement text - Lynn
Abc Internet advertisement text - Student A
Abc Internet advertisement text - Student B
Abc Reading 3
Abc Generic sentences about the male candidates

Main Aims

  • To give practice in reading a web page about relationships.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce or review vocabulary describing people and relationships.


Lead -in (5-7 minutes) • To get the ss interested in the topic of internet dating

Before starting the free speaking activity T introduces some key vocabulary such as 'a date' , 'agency' and 'an internet dating agency' with images. Then T puts the students into pairs and hands out questions to prompt discussion about online dating. As feedback, T starts a class discussion and asks a few students their ideas on the subject.

Reading - scanning (12-15 minutes) • The aim is for the ss to find the correct answers to the questions by scanning the text

T will introduce key vocabulary before handing out the text and the questions. Then T will show the class a copy of the advertisement and ask students what they think it is? Where do they think it comes from ? A newspaper, a magazine etc? Try to elicit from them that it comes from the internet and if they don't get it, point at or write the webpage on the WB - www.lifematch.com Then hand out the advertisement together with the questions and tell ss they will have a few minutes to scan ( read quickly) the text on their own and answer the questions. Before that T briefly talks about what the ss will read about. Check understanding by asking them if they will take a long time reading the text, or a short time? (ICQ) T will do a demo with the first question. Monitor students during the task and make sure to tell any early finishers to check their answers with their group members. Then as feedback , go over answers as a class.

Reading - for detail (12-15 minutes) • To find information to be able to decide which sentences relate to the ss respective men.

T will first introduce any key vocabulary to help students with this task. Then T will put students into groups of 3 and assign each student with a profile A, B or C. T will also hand out a generic set of sentences to all students.T will do a demo to help students understand the task. Ss will read for detail individually to be able to decide which of the sentences relate to their man. Then as feedback T will ask the A students to tell some things about their men. Likewise for B and C students.

Reading - scanning (4-6 minutes) • To find their characters positive and negative points and to see if they are a good partner for Lynn

T asks ss to re-read the text and underline any good or bad points of their respective profiles so that they are ready to complete the following speaking exercise. T will monitor the ss to make sure they have understood the task correctly. T will check understanding , " will you write the good and bad points of each man on a piece of paper or will you just put a line under them in the text"? T will do one demo for students to better understand the task. Ex: Carl is unemployed. Is this a good point or a bad point?

Speaking / Productive skills (8-10 minutes) • For ss to interact with each other to decide who is the best partner for Lynn

T states that the groups will stay together for this exercise. By comparing their sentences the ss will decide who is the best candidate for Lynn. T will monitor the groups and as feedback, T will ask groups which they thought was the correct answer and will also ask them to justify their answers.

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