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TP 8
Beginner level


In this lessons students learn the past simple of be: positive and negative by studying a text in the context of 3 people telling about a day in their past.


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Abc semi controlled practice conversation starter 8A

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the past simple of be: positive and negative in the context of a text where 3 people tell about amazing days in their past.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking, writing and reading practice. Particularly with the use of the past simple of be and it's negatives in the context of telling about one's past.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Students look at a picture of Melanie, Tanya and Diego and the heading "I was there" they discuss what we are going to hear/read them say.

pre teaching (5-5 minutes) • to clarify vocabulary of possible difficult or unfamiliar words students might find in the text.

Elicit, Check, Drill and Write the following words: a stadium, a seat, New Year's Eve, fireworks, a party, a football match

exposure (5-5 minutes) • to expose students to the target language

Student look at the question "What were their amazing days?" Students listen and/or read about 3 people speaking about a day in their past. They answer the general question "What were their amazing days?" and discuss in pairs

Exposure 2 (5-5 minutes) • To further expose students to target language with a more detailed reading

Students read question 2c . Read again and choose the correct words. students check in pairs.

highlighting (3-3 minutes) • to draw student's attention to the target language

Students underline the following words and the word before them in the text: (demonstrate on board) was were wasn't weren't SS check with a friend

clarification and guided discovery handout (7-10 minutes) • to clarify target language

show students sentences on the board. Ask, "are they in the past or the present?" Ask did they happen a long time ago? Hand out Excercise 3b students work and check together. (with answer key) With sentences already on board drill "were", "was" and "wasn't" "weren't" on a blank board Elicit: I/he/she/it ....... at school. negative? you/we/they ..... at school. negative?

controlled practice (5-5 minutes) • To give students opportunity to use the grammar they have learned with help

Students look at Activity 5 a for a minute and then choose the correct words. Students check in pairs.

semi-controlled practice (5-10 minutes) • To provide students with freer practice of the target language

Hand out 8A. 6 - box on the board Students work on their own. Using the ideas in the box students write 3 sentences of their own. model listening and saying "me too!" In groups students say their sentences. Are any of the sentences true for you too?

delayed feedback and error correction (5-5 minutes) • to provide positive feed back and error correction.

If there is time use notes taken while monitoring semi-controlled practice and provide positive feedback and error correction

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