Hooman Hooman

teaching practice 1
Intermediate level


In this lesson we work on a reading with title of adrenalin.


Abc White board and Markers

Main Aims

  • To practice reading to correct factual mistakes in a summary

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice reading to correct factual mistakes in a summary
  • Speaking : justifying your choices


Introductory (8-12 minutes) • Breaking the ice and getting a lead into the first activity

Before students enter the classroom, I will attach some photos which I have already printed on walls but I won't use them . As students are all Turkish and probably soccer lovers I will ask about their favorite team(If I find any sign of Turkish soccer teams I will use ) and what they feel when the team has an important game (like up coming one on Sunday) I try to get the word excited , using body language ,then I going to ask them to tell their friend what else make them excited(photos can be handy an monitoring would be conducted at this time) so they can tell the class about their partners. Then I will come up with the Question what cause this Excitement in body ( Adrenaline ) if they couldn't i try toll tell them by telling the first letter and so on .

Transitional course to reading (6-10 minutes) • Getting familiar with vocabularies of a probable difficulty in our reading

I will give them some flash carts randomly and in another color flash carts of definitions,antonyms or synonyms are handed out . I will ask them to stand up and try to find something from the other color which is RELATED to what they have.( ICQ plays an important role) so after all we will check them all together

Reading compehension (8-10 minutes) • to get a gist of reading

I ask them to read the material in 5 min +(ICQ)+monitoring , then they should share their understanding of the reading with their partners in pairs and decide which definition suites the topic. A,B or C(ICQ)+monitoring at the end class will give the answer not an individual.

Main Aim (10-13 minutes) • Correct the mistakes(Exercise 2)

In this stage students will be asked to take a look at the second exercise and correct mistakes in 4 minutes (ICQ)+ monitoring after that I won't stop , I will let them work in pairs to share the difficulty areas with one another after 1 or 2 min we will check it as a class. After all we can find about probable problems and their solutions.

Closing stage (3-4 minutes) • Checking the understanding of all points (feed back)

This is the part which I may have some problems as they might not have the experience of parachute jump so I ask if they or anyone they know consider doing any of activities on the wall, why or why not being disscused in pairs.

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