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TP 3
B1 level


In the lesson the students will learn a part of grammar (pronouns) somebody somewhere,anybody,something,anything, and related practice by listening and speaking and finally they will tell their own story


Abc HOs the text (new inside out intermediate students book)
Abc 2 HOs listening scripts (New inside out intermediate( students book)
Abc HO a few exercises from oxford practice grammar

Main Aims

  • to use a listening model to tell an anecdote about a party .

Subsidiary Aims

  • to use pronouns (everywhere,anything etc.) accurately


warm up,to get Ss ready for listening section (8-10 minutes)

I will give them a few brief instructions through some simple examples prepared from a grammar book that ,somewhere,something,and somebody are pronouns which refer to unspecified people,places,and things then I will give them HO1 . Ss will fill individually and then check the answers with the partner as I am monitoring whether their answers are correct.

HO2 listening to the conversation and chose the right answer (8-10 minutes)

I will give them HO2 they will decide which pronoun fit best and underline them , then play the recording, and Ss will check their answers as they are listening . I will ask two Ss to practise the conversation,I will also ask them whether they know anybody like, Dylan.

listen to an anecdote and answer one question about paul . (5 minutes)

I will give the Ss HO3,and they will focus on the photo of the paul before and after the party . I will also ask them if they can probably guess from the photo who he got dressed as. play the recording and ask Ss which questions he doesnt answer

In this stage Ss will do the drills in three groups and then listen and check the answers. (6-8 minutes)

Ss will be asked to match two parts of exercise in groups and then listen and check the answers in share .

Speaking : Ss will tell their partner about a party they have been to. (8-10 minutes)

Ss will be given two minutes to think and decide what they are going to speak about. I will also ask them to look at their first HO and tell them it would be helpful to take some notes of what they are going to tell

giving another HO4 . (4-0 minutes)

I will ask Ss to do HO4 as onother grammar part about pronouns (somebody,something, etc)

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