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Fashion Victim


Abc Straightforward Pre-intermediate Students and Teachers Book

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary introduce students to the subject of clothes. Read a newspaper article for specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking to discuss a question relating to the article and vocabulary they have just completed.


Lean - in / Warm up (5-10 minutes) • Introduce Ss to the topic of Fashion Victim

A Write ‘victim’ on the board. Pretend to steal something from a student. Who is the criminal / law breaker? Then ask Who is the victim? Reply the student What is a victim? Someone who has been hurt or had problems because of a crme. B Ask students what they think a fasion victim might be? So you think it is ... and i’ll write responses on WB but not tell them. Here is a story Kim reads all the fashion magazines and spends most of her money on new clothes. However when she’s not looking some of her colleagues are laughing at her clothes behind her back... Why do you think? Elicit that she doesnt look good in her clothes, they dont match they dont suit her and people think she is foolish to spend all her money on them. So a fashion victim is someone who always tries to wear the latest fashion even if ie doesnt look good on them. This lesson wiil be about someone who has a different problem with clothes Discuss in groups

Focus on Form & Meaning (5-10 minutes) • To understand the new vocabulary. When and how to use it.

Introduction of Vocabulary A I will put on the WB 21 pictures of items of clothing. On the wall I will write the words which they will match up to the board. The words will also have the phonetics written. On one piece of paper i will have all the 21 words written i will scrunch up and have them throw it to each other in a circle. They will open it a little read the word them go to the wall and take the word on the wall to match to the picture on the WB. B Give each person an A or B get line A to face the WB and line B to put their back against a partner in line A. Now ask the students A to describe what their partner B behind them what they are wearing? Now ask after you ring the bell you want line B to describe what A is wearing.

Reading (10-12 minutes) • To read the news article for specific information. Then answer questions for comprehension.

Reading A Write on the WB the headline ‘Office worker Flip Flops Out of Work’ and show them the picture. Ask the students why do you think the man on the right is wearing those clothes? Now can you explain a reason why the two people are dressed differently? Who do you think the man on the left is? Answer Lawyer Is he dressed formally/ professionally for work? What about the man on the right is he dressed formally? Who do you think he is? Is he wearing legal clothes when attending court? B Now read the article to see if you were write Do you know what discrimation is? Do you know what a case is? Its like a trial, a case that is decided in the courts. C Here are some True and False sentences. It relates to the article you have just read. I want you to read the article again and What will you do next ? Yes write True or False beside each question. I will ask them to say aloud what their answers are.

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • To use the new vocabulary and knowledge of the article to have a discussion

D Ok having read the article and answered the True or False questions I want you to individually write down some ideas down on the following topic. Write on the WB ‘Are there any rules in your country about what you can wear in work’ Maybe a sentence for example... a) Employees must wear suitable clothing...... b) Men should wear trousers in work..... Now you are to discuss these within your group. Get them into groups of 3 (as I know some of the students are weak move the students around so they with different people) and here is a topic for you to discuss.

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