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Teaching Practice 4
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, telling an anecdote will be focused on. Students will listen to an anecdote of the teacher and take notes while listening. In groups, after discussing their notes, they will put the sentences from the anecdote into chronological order . Students will focus on the written form of the anecdote to identify narrative tenses. The same anecdote will be used again to focus on how to write an anecdote. Students will be given 3 different topics and asked to make notes to talk about one of them. They will tell each other their anecdote.


Main Aims

  • Telling an anecdote

Subsidiary Aims

  • Identifying narrative tenses in a context


Warmer (5-8 minutes) • To get students into the concept

Students will play hangman to guess the word " anecdotes". Students will be asked to tell what they know about anecdotes. After having a short talk, students will be asked to listen to the teacher's anecdote and take notes while listening. Students will compare their notes in groups.They will be asked put the given sentences from the anecdote in chronological order. Answer key will be reflected.

Language Review (5-10 minutes) • To identify and practise narrative tenses

The script of the anecdote will be reflected onto the board. Students will work in groups.Each group will underline the sentences written in different narrative tense (Past Simple,Past Cont.,Past Perfect). Teacher will give the use of each tense to different groups and groups will be asked to match the use with the sentences. By eliciting teacher will put the form of the tenses on the board and timelines will be drawn on.

Pre-Speaking (6-7 minutes) • To understand how to write an anecdote and make notes

Students will asked to underline the sentence(s) about the scene, the main events and the ending on the same text. Students will be given the handout and asked to make notes about one of the given topics in 3 mins.

Speaking (15-20 minutes) • To talk about an anecdote

Students will be asked to share their anecdote with each other and their partners will ask further questions.They will exchange roles.After doing the same thing with 3 different students, they will asked to tell another anecdote on different topic.They will asked to share one of the best anecdotes they have heard with another student. Students will be asked to share the best anecdote they have heard.

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