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Dreams and reality,Grammar
Upper Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson, the Ss will learn conditional clauses in 'dreams and reality' context through guided discovery. They will read a text about the listening they had a session ago, and will make some guesses to discover the target language meaning and form. They will do some controlled, semi controlled, and free practice on the TL. Then we will have a matching activity and in the last stage we have a speaking activity.


Abc filling the blank

Main Aims

  • To provide review, clarification and practice of conditional clauses in the context of dreams and reality

Subsidiary Aims

  • • By the end of this lesson they will be able to produce sentences about conditional clauses


Lead-in (0-2 minutes) • To have a smooth transition from the previous context to the new lesson

The teacher asks Ss that what they can remember about the previous session that was about "I'm living the American Dream."

Preperation 1 (3-5 minutes) • To expose Ss to the TL and test their information of it

- The Ss will be asked to read the audio-script that Rebecca gave them, and try to find the conjunctions such as 'unless, providing, as long as, even if" -Whole class feedback

Preperation 2 (2-3 minutes) • To help students discover the meaning

The students will be asked to match the tenses with the appropriate definitions in pairs. whole class feedback

Presentation1 (3-5 minutes) • To focus on some marker sentences and clarify the TL

- Choosing some sentences taken from the text “it is possible to live the American Dreams as long as you have lots of money“ The T will ask some CCQs (as a task) the answer of which the Ss should guess : 1

Presentation2 (3-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning for the students

- The Ss will be given a matching exercise, to match the sentences and the missing parts of the clauses; which will be done in pairs. whole class feedback.

Production (controlled practice) (5-10 minutes) • To give the students the chance to use what they have learned

- The Ss will do a fill-in-the blank activity which is about dreams and reality. -The T will ask them to look for clues for each answer they will give. - They will have a pair-check. - The T will nominate Ss to give the feedback and have some elaborations and clarifications.

Production 1 (semi- controlled) (5-8 minutes) • To help students use the TL by giving them some clues

- The Ss will complete the sentences by using the conjunction. - They will have a pair check. - whole class feedback.

Production2 (free) (10-12 minutes) • To provide the Ss with some free practice on the TL

At this stage, T asks Ss to close their eyes and imagine and think about when they were 9 years old and try to remember what their parents said them in order to encourage them to work or study harder. Then they should imagine that they are 20-30 years old and get married and have some children and now what would they say to their children to encourage them to do better?

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