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Upper Intermidiate level


Students will learn how to express regrets about the past by using different grammar forms. I will introduce the topic with a song from Cher If I Could turn back time. We will talk about other persons regrets by looking at a research done by the Cambridge University.I will elicit the form and other alternatives to express regret about the past followed up by an exercise.The students should add their own regrets and talk about it with their partners.


Abc Audio track(Cher-If I could turn back time)
Abc Extract from a research done by Cambridge University
Abc Write a sentence with I wish + past perfect
Abc Make sentences with I regret + ing and should + have+ v3

Main Aims

  • To provide a grammar lesson about expressing regrets in the context of peoples and personal regrets

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy, fluency speaking and a gist listening in the context of regrets.


Lead in (6-8 minutes) • To introduce the topic with a gist listening

I will ask Ss if they know Cher and tell them that there is one particular song which I favor. Before I will play the song I write a question on the board: What does Cher want to express with this song? She feels sorry for the things she has done.What is the topic of the Song? regret. WCFB

Reading (8-12 minutes) • To expose students to the TL and elicit the form from the examples by using guided discovery

I will give Ss a HO which is about things people regret in their lives.I will give them one minute to look at it. I will ask them how is the construction or form they use to express regret in the text. I will write some examples on the WB and try with the method guided discovery to analyze the form. I regret arguing with my parents ( I regret + -ing) I wish I 'd listened to my sister when she had problems (wish + pronoun + past perfect) I will add one more form of expressing regret about the past, writing an example on the WB: I should have called my brother when he was sick.Elicit the form from the Ss. (Modal Verb + Have + Verb 3 (Past Participle)

Production of form ( I wish + past perfect) (10-12 minutes) • Parctice grammar\controlled

I will give Ss a HO, a controlled practice.They have phrases which Ss rewrite by using the I wish + v3 form. ICQ: Do you do the exercise alone or with you partner? After they finished they should compare with their partners and then WC FB

Make sentences by using I regret+ - ing and I should + have('ve) + v3 (10-12 minutes) • To practice the two forms/semi-controlled

I will tell Ss to use the other two forms.I will write them on the WB,I regret+ - ing and I should + have('ve) + v3, and tell Ss to practice them by using the examples on the HO. For each example two sentences. Remind Ss to use the contraction should have to should 've and drill it. Check sentences in pairs and after that WCFB ICQ:Do you do the exercise alone or in pairs? Do you start your sentence with the first person or third person singular?

Speaking for accuracy in the context of personal regrets (12 minutes) • To practice all forms in a accuracy/fluency speaking exercise

I will tell Ss to use the topics given in the extract, family, lifestyle, education, work, to talk in pairs about personal regrets and point out to use all forms if possible. I will monitor the Ss and take notes for possible error correction after the exercise. I will swap Ss after 5min.If there is time, I will start a WC feedback by asking Ss what is their biggest regret.

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