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TP #6 Speaking (Pierce Brosnan)
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss will practice speaking, first with a group competition to assemble cut up sentences in the form of a question, then practicing asking each other the questions and answering them in pairs. Next T will model an activity comparing two readings, both with factual errors, to set the stage for the controlled practice. Finally Ss will be split into two groups and each will be given different versions of reading about Pierce Brosnan, both with factual errors. Students will form questions to ask the other group about the factually correct portion of their readings, and then will practice asking each other the questions and answering them correctly.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in asking and answering questions in the context of Cinema and the life of actor Pierce Brosnan

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about the life of Pierce Brosnan


Warm Up (3 minutes) • Exploit the context from the previous lessons to set the context for this lesson about cinema as well as Pierce Brosnan. Also introduce a few vocab words that will be used in the reading

-I will show a picture of Pierce Brosnan on the projector *Who is this man? *Did you see him in any films? *Did you see those films on TV or at the cinema? (provide clarification that this means theater) *Is his real name James Bond? Do you know his real name? *He is an actor. His name is Pierce Brosnan

Preparing to Speak (Activity 1 Modelling) (5 minutes) • To model an example of rearranging a question in the past simple tense into the correct form as this will be used in the following group activity

-T shows an example of a question about going to the cinema that is in the incorrect form on the projector and elicit the correct order of the words. *Look at this question. Is it correct? *What word comes first? *What word comes next? etc until the correct order is elicited. -elicit the meaning of the word cinema *What is the cinema? (movie theater) -Go to next slide and show the correct order *Ok, now I am asking you this question. How do we answer this question? *Who can answer this question for me? -Try to elicit more than just yes and no. *Yes, I did go...., No I didn't go.... -Go to the next slide and show the positive and negative answers -T will nominate 2 or 3 Ss and ask them *(name), did you go to the cinema last week? -Provide immediate correction if they do not answer correctly

Group Activity: Cut up sentences (10 minutes) • To give students the chance to practice forming questions by arranging cut up sentences

-Count off students, either 1-3 or 1-4 depending on how large the class is. *#1s raise your hands. Look at each other. You will be sitting here. *#2s raise your hands. Look at each other. You will be sitting here. *#3s raise your hands. Look at each other. You will be sitting here. *Now stand up and go sit with your groups. -Pull out cut up activities and show them the different colors of paper. *We are playing a game. This is one team, this is one team, and this is one team *Each group has 3 questions. Each color of paper has the words for a different question *Put the words in the correct order to form a question. -Show the example on the powerpoint *The first time to get all 3 questions correct wins *Do not start until I say go *Go! -After groups have finished *Ok let's check our answers -Show correct question orders on powerpoint *Ok go back to your seats

Speaking Exercise #1 (7 minutes) • To give students the chance to practice speaking the questions they formed in the previous exercise

*Look at the questions you just made on the board. How do we answer these questions? -try to elicit some of the answers, provide immediate feedback -Show the correct positive and negative answers to the students on the powerpoint *Look at these answers. -Go to next slide to show additional questions they might ask *Look at the board. These are more questions you can use in this conversation -Pair off the Ss *You two are partners, you two, etc *Speak with your partners. Ask them each of these questions and answer them, Yes I did do this or No I didn't do this -Nominate student for example *For example, ________ did you watch a film on TV last weekend? -Provide immediate feedback on nominated answer

Preparing to read (Activity 2 Modelling) (5 minutes) • To model the activity of reading two stories with conflicting facts and forming questions about them to prepare students for the controlled practice activity

-Go to next slide showing the two versions of my history *Look at these two paragraphs. Quickly read them and tell me what differences you see. -Give students 2 minutes to read paragraphs *What differences do you see? *How can you ask me which version is true? -Elicit question forms about the differing details. Give immediate feedback on their answers. -Go to next slide and show them correct question forms *Look at these questions. Ask me if they are true. -Go to next slide and show them the correct answer *Which sentences were true? The underlined sentences or the sentences that are not underlined?

Reading (8 minutes) • Ss will read the text about Pierce Brosnan and answer basic gist questions as a class. Next, they will form questions to ask about details of the separate texts

-Divide the class into two halves. *Quickly read this paragraph. Who does it talk about? -Hand out text A to one group and text B to the other group. Give them two minutes to read the text. -After they are finished reading. *Look at the text. Are some of the sentences underlined? Do you think they are true? *Work as a group to make questions to see if the underlined sentences are true. Write your questions on your sheet of paper. *Look at the first sentence, it says Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland *How do we ask if this is true or not? -Try to elicit question "Was Pierce Brosnan born in Ireland? *Do you think this is true? *Yes, it is true because it is not underlined. *How do we answer this question? *Yes, Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland. *Look at the underlined words in your reading. In your groups, write questions about the underlined statements to see if they are true or not.

Speaking Controlled Practice (8 minutes) • To give Ss the chance to ask each other the questions that they formed and answer them as well

-Tell students that the two groups have different readings with different facts *Look at your text. Text A has different facts than text B. *Both texts have underlined sentences. These sentences are not true *The words that are underlined in text A are different than the words that are underlined in text B. *The answers to group A's questions are in text B, and the answers to Group B's questions are in group A -Give example, asking question 1 from Group A's text to a student from group B. Elicit correct answer form from the student and provide feedback if necessary. *Now stand up and find a partner from the other group. Ask each other your questions and find out the correct information for the underlined sentences. *Write the correct answers to your questions on your sheet

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