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Beginners level


In this lesson, students will learn some vocabularies that will be included in a recording and then listen to the recordings for getting details.


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Main Aims

  • listening for details for picking the correct sentences and correcting the false ones

Subsidiary Aims

  • lexis( teaching some vocabularies before the listening part)


Warmer/Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • to get students engaged and interested in the topic

T will show SS a picture of a plane and ask students some questions verbally such as: when do we use an a plane? and if they like travelling or not and what was the last place they visited and what they did, in order to elicit some words from students and get them interested in the topic. After taking some answers, T will give students handouts containing questions to discuss with their partners in limited time. when the time is up, the teacher will get feedback from the whole class by asking some students to tell the class about their discussion.

Pre_listening (6-7 minutes) • to pre-teach some vocabularies that would be included in the text

T will give ss handouts containing a matching exercise that have pictures and words and ss need to match each word to the picture that belongs to.T will give SS limited time and put them in pairs to work together. then, when the time is up, T will ask them to check their answers with the other students and then T will check the answers with the whole class.

listening for gist (3-4 minutes) • to listen for gist information and to prepare SS for the next prediction exercise

T will show students pictures of Bath city and Susan and try to elicit some words from SS that would be included in the recording. T will ask students if Susan seems to be happy living in Bath and they will elicit the answer from the picture of Susan. Then, teacher will play the recording for the first time for gist information about Susan. After that, teacher will give students one minute to discuss in pairs what they have heard.T will take quick feedback from SS by asking them what they have heard.

prediction • to check students' understanding of the previous recording and prepare them for detailed listening

T will give students a handout including statements and SS need to decide which ones are true and which ones are false and correct the false ones based on what they have heard in previous stage. T will put students in pairs and give them enough time and when they finish, T will ask them stand up and move around to check their answers with one another.

while-listening (10-12 minutes) • to listen for getting details

T will play the recording for the last time, but T will divide it into three parts and after each part, T will check the answers that are included in that part with the whole class by applying different feedback techniques. SS might have some difficulty with some of the statements included in the exercise, so might have to play some parts of the recording again to clarify any vague point.

post-listening (4-5 minutes) • speaking purpose

T put SS in groups and ask them to give their opinions to each other about Bath city and what they liked most about it and if they have the opportunity, would they go or not?. when their time is up, T will get the feedback quickly from the whole class.

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